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Unlock the possibilities of enterprise cloud communications with UC Connect

Many large organisations strive to create an open and collaborative culture, but too often their technology stack gets in the way.

First, it is quite common for organisations to operate a multitude of disparate phone systems, chat services, email servers, file sharing accounts and video many different platforms, internal teams can find it difficult to work together, even in the same building.

The second roadblock is that legacy communication systems – especially PBX phone systems – tie staff to their desk at a time when they demand freedom and flexibility.

Cloud communications for enterprise

How do you develop a communication strategy that is universal and able to be widely adopted across different teams, devices and workplaces? The answer is to move to the cloud.

Moving to cloud-based communications is a crucial component of enterprise and government digital transformation. Globally, the market for cloud collaboration platforms is forecasted to grow almost $60 billion USD by 2023.

In Australia and around the world, enterprise and government organisations are recognising the vital role cloud-based communication and collaboration tools can play in their overall IT strategy. The business case is simple. By bringing their communication technologies together, organisations can bring their customers and staff together too.

What does cloud transition involve?

As businesses grow headcount and add office locations, senior executives are increasingly demanding tools that will enable their employees to work seamlessly.

In practice, this means retiring legacy phone systems, ‘unifying’ disparate services to a single vendor, and migrating workflows onto a cloud-based platform that works across all devices and locations. This unified cloud-based approach is key to enhancing collaboration and productivity.

Cloud-based unified communication and collaboration platforms typically house a range of communication ‘apps’ such as instant messaging, voice and video calling, file sharing, messaging and presence - all in one platform. They offer dispersed teams an easy way to collaborate, communicate and consolidate their work online. They are packed full of enterprise-grade features that provide more flexibility to share, greater visibility and easy-to-manage workflows between stakeholders.

Collaboration and productivity with UC Connect

In this new era of communications, enterprises are choosing to move away from legacy telecoms, and selecting modern alternatives such as UC Connect by MNF Enterprise.

Built on the industry-leading Cisco / Broadsoft platform, and operated on MNF’s new-generation network, UC Connect can be adapted to fit a wide range of enterprise communication needs.

UC Connect provides enterprise calling, PBX features, HD voice and video conferencing, private and group messaging, file sharing, screen sharing and solutions for contact centres.

As a cloud-based service it is accessible from virtually anywhere and any device with an internet connection - making it the optimal tool for remote workers or those using their own devices. Staff can call, conference and chat without having to change devices.

UC Connect can also be integrated into existing business applications such as Salesforce, Office 365, G Suite and more. This means staff can continue to communicate and collaborate from the cloud apps and software they are already using.

Move to the cloud at your own pace

Unified communications and collaboration are here to stay. The question is not if but when, and how, your transition will take place. Solutions like UC Connect are providing a scalable and risk-free way for large organisations to move their communications to the cloud.

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