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Telesis A.S announces a new IP PBX for SME

Telesis A.S. announces the PX24S IP PBX Business Phone System, which is the capacity and price optimized version of its Telesis PX24 medium capacity switching system. The PX24S is for small to medium enterprises SME, which would like to migrate to IP PBX systems with keeping benefits of the traditional TDM interfaces.
The new Telesis PX24S IP PBX Business Phone System employs a control and switching unit with a size of only 8x10cm. This small control unit is equipped with:
- Operating system of the IP PBX
- All operational CPUs,memories, and other service circuits
- Non-blocked switching matrix for 64 TDM ports
- 64 FSK tone generators and detectors
- 64 channel 100 hour recording capacity DVR
- Ethernet port , VoIP hardware
- 64 concurrent channels for VoIP – TDM routing
- AES-256 encryption for 64 VoIP calls concurrently
- G.711, G.723.1, G.729, G.729A codecs for VoIP calls
- Both H.323 and SIP protocols
- Integrated H.323 gatekeeper, SIP registrar for 1024 endpoints
- Integrated echo canceller G.168-2002
- Silence Suppression, VAD, QoS (ToS and Diffserv)
- Integrated WEB server
- Integrated API server for limiteless clients
- Integrated Real-Time signaling analyzer
- CMDR buffer to store millions of calls

Deputy General Manager, Mumin GULER says that “ Architects, graphic designers, authors, many other artists and designers have employed a minimalist approach to succed. An architect may aim to design a house with the smallest size and investment but with all the comfort inside. Is it easy? Definetely not. Sure! the perfection is not easy to achieve. We have considered if a similar minimalist approach is also applicable in designing the control unit of an IP PBX for small to medium size enterprises? The answer was Yes, but we were also aware that:
- Product quality means more for VoIP services. This being the case, the product should be minimalist in terms of investment and size but it should be Robust, Reliable and Stable too.
- The product should fit the expectations of SMEs now and in the future. In minimalism, keeping hardware and firmware capabilities limited will definetely cause unsatisfaction in time.
- Efficiency of the operational firmware is very important. An efficient firmware will definetely need less memory space, less MIPS, less hardware. The result will be less investment and size.

Our designers have believed in their experiences (especially for the firmware development) that a Robust, Reliable, and Stable IP PBX with flexible hardware and firmware features can be designed in small size with small investment. So that, the minimalist approach was the right way to start for us. We did it and the result is the PX24S, which is a cost-effective but also an all-in one IP PBX “
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