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Silver Peak backs open WAN optimisation technology to solve bandwidth problems

By Wayne Neich, Regional Director Oceania, Silver Peak Systems

The growing adoption of virtualisation, cloud services, and distributed applications represents a common theme and a common challenge: each relies on the wide area network (WAN). Today, the WAN is vital to all aspects of a distributed network, yet it is plagued with bandwidth limitations, latency, and packet loss.

This has driven a need for more flexible WAN optimisation products that can be deployed cost-effectively across the entire network: from the cloud, to the data centre, to the branch. Fortunately, the rapid adoption of virtualisation and the presence of under-utilised computing resources within the network are opening the door for WAN optimisation to be deployed on any platform across the network.

Enter new vendors with their data centre class WAN optimisation products. The more enterprising of these have fully embraced virtualisation and are leveraging software-based technology to deliver virtual open architecture, allowing customers, partners and the reseller channel to deploy WAN optimisation more conveniently than ever.

Virtual open architecture is based on software capable of powering physical WAN optimisation appliances, as well as virtual appliances. This software is making it easy for technology from vendors like Silver Peak to run on any hypervisor, any server, any router blade '” in fact on any platform that meets the minimum system requirements.

By utilising an open architecture delivered through various physical and virtual product offerings, end-users and resellers benefit from a comprehensive set of options for deploying WAN optimisation, whether the preference is physical devices in the data centre and virtual in the branch, or vice-versa. Whether an enterprise deploys a multi-Gigabit physical appliance, or a 4 Mbps virtual appliance, customers can take advantage of the same data centre class product.

It doesn't end there for the customers and partners of the more enterprising vendors, which have taken deployment flexibility a step further by offering competitive pricing options for deploying WAN optimisation. Shop around for vendors that include new subscription, or 'pay as you go', pricing for virtual products, since these allow customers to avoid larger up-front capital costs and pay for only what is needed as an annual operating expense.

To break customers free from the expensive and painful hardware refresh cycles forced by some WAN optimisation vendors, others are offering Investment Protection or 'pay as you grow' pricing for perpetual licenses. This allows customers to start small and upgrade as network demands dictate. The customer pays only the difference between the smaller and larger licenses when upgrading.

Technology from open WAN optimisation specialists is ideal for VMware integration partners, and resellers throughout Australia and New Zealand specialising in voice-over-IP (VoIP) and unified communications, video, data networking, storage, satellite, and for cloud and other managed service providers. Open products can be installed quickly and easily to optimise any of the above applications, and have proven invaluable for verifying the throughput and WAN capabilities offered by service providers.

The company's WAN optimisation appliances optimise all IP traffic, regardless of transport protocol and application software version. They appliances overcome common WAN challenges that adversely impact application performance and reliability using real-time network optimisation techniques. Optimisation techniques can include network acceleration to overcome WAN latency, network integrity to correct packet delivery issues and intelligently allocate WAN resources, and network memory technology to maximise WAN bandwidth utilisation.

About Silver Peak Systems, Inc.

Silver Peak develops data centre class network appliances that maximise WAN performance while minimising WAN costs. The company's unique network approach to WAN optimisation delivers unprecedented scalability and flexibility, enabling enterprises to rapidly move large amounts of data across long distances. Silver Peak's WAN optimisation solution is a strategic enabler for large IT initiatives, including data centre consolidation, data migration, disaster recovery, server centralisation, and global application / desktop virtualisation.

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