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New Australian Business Directory - alternative for Google Base Australia

clickfind™ was launched late 2007 and besides it being a good search engine and business directory, it also incorporates "State of the Art" Search Engine Optimisation (S.E.O.) functionality and technology.

Google Base Australia is not available as yet! So, what do you do with your products and services in the meantime, where do you upload your products and services to while waiting on Google Base to come to Australia? There is an all Aussie alternative called clickfind™ (, it allows you to upload up to 500 products and/or services with your business listing.
Here are some other features that set this search engine apart both in Australia and overseas.

With the push of a button a user can have their business listing uploaded to Google Maps
Google Ads will be automatically published with the clients business name as a keyword phrase as a part of their monthly fee
All products and services on clickfind (owned by the user) are allowed to be exported to RSS, this allows them to syndicate their products easily
Professional copywriters may be hired at a small investment to help clients write their listings, making sure they get quality listings, but at the same time have a listing that works with SEO
Anchor text is allowed on their listing description and is encouraged as it has long been recognized a strong factor in ranking well in the search engines
Members can publish their listing directly from clickfind to Google base (once Google Base is available in Australia)
As well as listing business info, members can list up to 500 products and services, which dramatically increases SEO performance

A powerful business directory
clickfind™ business listings are far more useful than those in other directories and search engines. As well as essential info like business name, description and contact details, clickfind™ listings can include full details of products and services. We’re not just talking about a simple list – a business can add a separate page with description for up to 500 products or services!

This approach is extremely useful for customers, but it also has great value for business owners. Adding product and service information dramatically increases the chance of your business being found when a customer is looking for a relevant product or service, either on clickfind™ or elsewhere. It also means you can treat your clickfind™ listing as a self-contained website, or use it to drive traffic to your existing website. 

Useful and fair search results
The search engine has been carefully developed to ensure results match what people search for. When searching for “apples” we’ll make sure you find apples and not lemons, unlike some of the other search engines! Results are also targeted geographically, so you can find businesses near you.

We do not sell advertising spots or sponsored listings. The order of business listings is based on relevancy. This means we keep things fair for businesses and produce meaningful results for people searching for products or services. Whether you’ve listed your business a year ago or today, it doesn’t matter – geographic location and keyword relevancy is all that counts! Interested? Add your business now

Genuine Australian Search Engine 

Unlike many other search engines or directories, clickfind™ lists only genuine Australian businesses. Every business listing on clickfind™ must provide an ABN number, which allows us to check certain details with the Australian Business Registry. When you deal with a business on clickfind™, you can be assured that you are dealing with a registered Australian business.

Simple is best
We do not clutter our website with advertising. All pages are kept to a bare minimum, with only the required content and functionality. We intend to keep it that way too.

Searching is simple – just specify what you want and where you are. If you register as a user, clickfind™ will make searching even easier, by remembering your postcode and allowing you to save shortlists. If you register as a business, you’ll see we’ve made the sign-up process as straightforward as possible. For more about how clickfind™ works, please see the help section.

We also make sure we adhere to web standards and provide accessibility for everyone where possible. If you have any suggestions on how to improve our accessibility please don't hesitate to contact us.

Other exciting features and extras
clickfind™ also offers all clients to view their Google PageRank, Alexa ranking and at the same time check whether their homepage is valid HTML according to W3C. Another plus is that every subscription allows you to create your own free email account which comes with a whopping 6GB of disk space, web and mobile access plus more…

The future

clickfind™ will be expanding in the future, but we are not in a rush at the moment. Australia first, the world later! Sites to come include:,,, and more … If you register as a user or add your business, we’ll keep you updated with enhancements and new services.

Who runs clickfind?
clickfind™ is Australian owned, run and managed by an experienced, enthusiastic team based in Brisbane. We aim to become the fairest and easiest to use business search engine in Australia and become the one source for all of Australia’s businesses.

The website and technology for is licensed to Commerce Engine Pty Ltd. Business invoices are generated by Commerce Engine Pty Ltd.

Commerce Engine Pty Ltd ACN 118 850 552 clickfind Pty Ltd ACN 127 099 978

clickfind™ is a registered trademark: trademark number 1175287 and 1175290 under class 38 and 42.

Developers Directory
Some exciting and more specialized listings are in the developers directory of clickfind™. The developer’s directory is a list of SEO companies, copywriters and editors who can provide valuable services to clickfind clients. The top 50 Australian SEO company list is limited to the top 50 SEO companies of Australia, thus making it a valuable resource for any clickfind client who wants to get even more search engine traffic. The developer’s directory is also created to get direct input from the developers community.
clickfind™ is also a member of the Australian Barter exchange Bartercard and BBX, and has dedicated two websites to the barter community. The dedicated website for Bartercard businesses is and for BBX it is
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