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Major aXes Revamp Extends Cloud Computing for the IBM i

Major aXes Revamp Extends Cloud Computing for the IBM i -- Access your COBOL and RPG applications via the Cloud and via mobile devices

Sydney, Australia '” April 19, 2011 '” LANSA announces a new Version of the aXes 5250 Web Enabling Tool with a) the capability to offer access to new and existing IBM i RPG/COBOL applications via the Cloud, b) a complete overhaul of the pair of aXes browser-based query, access and reporting tools - DB2 Query and Spooled File Explorer and c) the ability to interact programmatically with 5250 data streams.

aXes Cloud Computing Software '” aXes-Cloud significantly enhances the current Cloud computing offerings available on the IBM i.

Routing via a Cloud Gateway IBM i on which aXes is installed, users get browser-based access to their IBM i server running their line-of-business applications wherever their IBM i is situated. For a full description please visit: www.axeslive.com/products/cloud-computing-software.htm.

As a bonus, the browser access to the IBM i occurs on-the-fly without having to change any of the application code and without having to install any new software at the client PC.

aXes-Cloud, installed on the Cloud Gateway, enables any device that runs a browser (e.g., desktops, laptops, mobile devices) to be automatically connected to multiple IBM i servers. aXes-Cloud is a perfect solution to automatically connect users to their applications spread across multiple IBM i servers. Users log on to aXes-Cloud and it automatically routes them to the IBM i server and applications. Users don't need to be aware that the Cloud Gateway exists - they logon as normal.

aXes-Cloud provides a perfect opportunity for cloud computing service providers to add the IBM i to their offerings.

  • Companies can use aXes-Cloud as a gateway to provide their own employees with access to different applications running on multiple IBM i servers.
  • Hosting companies can host a Cloud Gateway that provides a switch connecting a single company's multiple fixed and mobile users with browser access to that company's IBM i server(s).
  • Hosting companies that host IBM i servers belonging to multiple companies can use aXes-Cloud as a switch to route users from multiple different companies to the correct IBM i server(s) within the hosted environment.
  • Application Software Vendors (ISVs) can host their application with a hosting company and use aXes-Cloud to offer the application to their customers via a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.

No additional software needs to be installed anywhere except for a single copy of aXes-Cloud installed on a Cloud Gateway server. aXes-Cloud operates as if aXes were installed on each of the connected servers. Users enjoy access to their applications from any device and any location.

As aXes-Cloud is an extension to aXes it provides all of the aXes features for multiple IBM i servers and applications. From any browser, aXes users can securely access all their applications, work with their spooled files, query databases and manage operations on any connected IBM i server.

aXes Data Explorer for querying DB2 data from a browser '” aXes Data Explorer is a Web-based DB2 query tool for querying DB2 databases on IBM i servers, using the SQL services provided by IBM. To use aXes Data Explorer, you only need a browser and a connection to an IBM i server.

Some of the aXes Data Explorer features include:

  • Create and save SQL queries for later execution
  • Handles SQL queries from the simple to the complex
  • Export retrieved data to spreadsheets
  • Works with all major browsers
  • Nothing to install on the client device
  • Accessible via mobile devices

aXes Spool File Explorer for accessing spooled file output from a browser '” aXes Spool File Explorer is a tool for interrogating output queues and viewing spool files on IBM i servers. To use aXes Spool File Explorer, you only need a browser and a connection to an IBM i server.

Some of the aXes Spool File Explorer features include:

  • Create and save spooled file queue searches for later use
  • Export retrieved data to spreadsheets
  • View spooled files data as HTML, text, PDF, or Image
  • Works with all major browsers
  • Nothing to install on the client device
  • Accessible via mobile devices

aXes-Robot for Programmatically Driving 5250 Programs '” aXes-Robot is an Application Program Interface (API) that developers access when creating applications that programmatically drive 5250 programs. aXes-Robot caters to a wide range of programming options with three versions of the API available: .NET (runs on Windows); Java (runs on Windows and IBM i); and RPG (runs on IBM i). No ActiveX controls are used.

The primary uses of aXes-Robot are:

  • Performing data entry using a batch program
  • Exposing as Web service data that is accessible only through a 5250 application
  • Using a 5250 application as a back-end to your ASP.NET Web site

The aXes family of products is available for license from a worldwide network of reseller partners or from your local LANSA office. Visit www.axeslive.com for details.

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