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Availery launches to put SAP people and projects together, and plant trees too


Recruitment-tech startup Availery puts SAP experts and SAP projects in touch with each other, while also planting a tree for every user and project each month.

More specifically, Availery is a subscription-based service, to smart-match people and projects, for direct engagement in real time, that plants actual trees for every user, every project, every month.

As a longstanding IT professional with personal experience on both sides - consultant and contractor, as well as a hiring manager - I can well see the benefits of this platform. As an IT Manager especially, it provides quality candidates in a fast time at low cost.

For companies running SAP, this means access to real, and passionate, SAP experts - and at reasonable prices. For SAP expert contractors, this means they can be relaxed about finding their next role and ensure a steady stream of projects, giving their focus to their work and outside interests without worry. If you're a company running SAP, or a person with SAP skills, definitely check Availery out.

How this came about was thinking by the founders about two of the most common problems faced by SAP consultancies, namely

  1. How to find and engage SAP talent directly - now and in the future?
  2. How to embed sustainable practices into the everyday business process?

Ironically, Availery uses each problem to solve the other. Co-founder and Director, AJ Moore, says “this late-night idea seemed a bit radical at first as we considered ‘what would happen if we poured talent acquisition, SaaS, resource management, digital and sustainability into a bottle and just shook it up?’”


Moore explained the idea came to her very late one night and then next day after some sleep and coffee came design-thinking that led to a cloud-based, direct booking platform, that smart-matches SAP people with SAP projects - and uses the activity to plant real live trees.

“Availery means that people and projects can be making a real difference to the world outside the office, just by making it easier and more efficient for themselves to find each other and engage directly.”

There were four key trends in the very specific SAP industry that were merging at the same time, Moore says:

  1. The steady pace of change to a freelance economy
  2. Market frustrations with generic recruitment job boards and third-party middlemen
  3. The rise of subscription / as-a-service models
  4. Everyone wanting to embrace sustainability but struggling with practical ways how to

Digital disruption has been challenging many industries and introducing innovations that bring the benefits of cost savings, improving processes, efficiencies and experiences. At the same time, the SAP resourcing market is busier than ever but subject to mediums and pricing models that have remained unchanged for decades.


Availery’s founders should know – with extensive backgrounds in SAP, they’ve used SAP, trained in SAP, worked in SAP consultancies, run SAP recruitment agencies and SAP professional services businesses. But they’ve also been candidates themselves.

“It’s why it was imperative to build in the real-time updates,” says co-founder Selena Love. “It’s so frustrating to apply for something and just never hear back, never know if your application is received, shortlisted or even read.  So we made that live status information all visible and automatic on Availery.”

While the platform was in development Availery enlisted The Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife (FNPW) in Australia as their tree-planting partner.

“It was really important to us to work with a country level partner because in our industry the projects are often national, many people commute interstate and the environment is a concern to everyone everywhere. This way we can ensure people are making a difference literally all over Australia, no matter where they are physically working or living.” Selena Love adds.

Availery stands out from generic job boards and social media in the unique way it directly links business outcomes with environmental ones.

For SAP experts and hiring managers alike, the product means they can connect and dialogue directly without the to-and-fro of recruiters in the middle while being confident about each other’s capabilities and offerings. The process is shown simply in the four steps below.


SAP experts can establish a profile and add their details, allowing SAP projects to find them, as well as being able to search for SAP projects. It's really an elegant and simple, and worry-free, service.

“Because people and projects will always need to find each other, and they prefer to do it without a middleman, that’s a guaranteed future of ongoing transactions. What if we could connect people and projects directly - and plant a tree every time that happened?” AJ Moore asked (at 2 am that morning, not so long ago).

You can find out more about Availery on their YouTube channel.


Availery was inspired through over 20 years of SAP resourcing. The founders wanted to grow more than just business and careers, so used digital disruption to build a platform that reimagines recruitment as enablement.

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