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VENDOR ANNOUNCEMENT: 21 May, 2020: Alibaba Cloud, the data intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group, is continuing to provide a range of artificial intelligence-enhanced and cloud-based innovations as a part of their COVID-19 response. 

With many industries suffering as a result of COVID-19, Alibaba Cloud is effectively helping organisations seamlessly navigate through the crisis by overcoming logistical challenges and encouraging them to embrace digital transformation.

Alibaba Cloud’s General Manager for Australia and New Zealand, Raymond Ma, said: “At Alibaba Cloud, we are committed to providing industries that have felt the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic with advanced technological solutions that will offer much needed support and guidance.” 

“Since the outbreak of the virus we have both connected the educational system with international students and provided essential relief to medical personnel around the world. During these difficult times, we have received overwhelming support and are grateful to all partners whom we are working closely with to make this possible.”  

Connecting Chinese students to global universities

With universities around the world shutting their doors, students were left with no or limited access to their education. In order to facilitate students’ distance learning needs, Alibaba Cloud has leveraged its Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) solution which allows universities to establish fast cross-regional connections for students - enabling them to engage in online course work via intranets while overseas. 

With the help of The Council of Australasian University Directors of Information Technology (CAUDIT) and their global security partners, Alibaba Cloud is allowing Chinese students access to essential online learning platforms such as intranet portals and live streaming to classrooms with low latency and high reliability. 

According to Universities Australia, international students inject approximately AUD 32 billion into the economy each year. So far, this new offering has succeeded in minimising this profit loss through successfully connecting over 20 universities across Australia and New Zealand such as, The University of Sydney, University of South Australia, The University of Adelaide, University of Canberra and The University of Melbourne, to their international students. 

Speed up access to Australian online education

Having access to Australian education is important, however making sure that students are able to make the most of the newly developed intranet offering is just as crucial. In order to support the hundreds of thousands of students studying abroad, this new technology needed to be paired with hi-speed access.

In order to address this, Alibaba Cloud has partnered with OpenLearning Limited, a higher education software service (SaaS) company, to ensure all students studying abroad have access to high-speed internet by deploying Alibaba Cloud’s DNS Acceleration Service.

This innovative technology will transform the way people learn and will allow international students to continue their studies even when they can’t physically be in the country.

Providing access to advanced cloud-based solutions

After undertaking a global research initiative with the joint efforts of Alibaba Cloud’s solution experts, scientists and researchers from Alibaba DAMO Academy and the technical team at DingTalk, medical professionals are also now able to access three cutting edge, proven solutions. 

Epidemic Prediction Solution: This application models the epidemic characteristics of COVID-19 in a particular region, providing estimated sizes, peak times and duration of the epidemic, as well as the spreading trends under three conditions including optimistic, neutral and pessimistic. With a 98% success rate in China, this application can serve as a reference to policymakers and medical researchers on prevention and control measures. 

CT Image Analytics Solution: The newest CT Image analytics technology service can significantly improve the testing accuracy and detection efficiency for diagnosing COVID-19. The test takes approximately three to four seconds to run and 15 seconds in transmission, making it approximately 60 times faster than human detection. This technology is essential in detecting critical cases of pneumonia through the use of a lung segmentation method. 

Genome Sequencing for Coronavirus Diagnostic Solution: The virus genome sequencing solution is an AI algorithm from Alibaba DAMO Academy running on Alibaba Cloud. This service includes viral genetic data screening, evolutionary analysis, protein structure analysis, and diagnostic reporting. The solution has proven to be five times faster than other available sequencing solutions in China and can complete the diagnosis of new COVID-19 cases within a 14 hour time frame. 

These are just a few of many solutions being implemented to help overcome this global challenge which are sure to shape the future of business as we know it.

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