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The ability to change and adapt is key to the survival of any organisation. Organisations that ignore the need to change, adapt and innovate do so at their peril. Household names like Blockbuster, Toys “R” Us or Kodak might easily spring to mind as examples of companies that made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Each of them failed to change and they met with their demise.

Today’s digital economy is profoundly changing the world around us. Business survival now depends on our ability to change faster than the competition and be quick enough to satisfy customers’ new demands.

That leaves organisations of all types looking for a new paradigm to drive innovation and to help transform their IT strategy.

What do business leaders believe are the secrets to successful IT transformation? A global research study by SUSE shows DevOps, containers and SDI are high on the agenda for many organisations*.

1.    Break down barriers with DevOps

DevOps is all about getting things done faster and more efficiently. It aims to break down the barriers that have traditionally existed between the Development and Operations teams. The intention is to speed up software development cycles, making it possible to deploy software into production faster, more often and more reliably.

According to SUSE’s research, three quarters of enterprises are planning to embrace DevOps for application development.

For organisations entrenched in decades of IT legacy thinking, adopting a DevOps approach can require a cultural shift in the organisation. However the benefits are numerous and DevOps offers the ideal model for developing innovative, cloud-native applications at scale and speed. Customer satisfaction can also be improved because new features are released faster.

2.    Containers are gaining momentum fast

Containers are a way of taking virtualisation to the next level of efficiency. They are self-contained and isolated environments that contain everything the code enclosed within them needs to run independently. Without the need of a hypervisor or fully embedded OS, they are far simpler than VMs and extremely lightweight in terms of resources. This makes them fast and simple to spin up, dynamically scalable, consistent and predictable.

Analyst firm 451 Research predicts that containers will be a $2.7bn market by 2020 and estimates the growth rate at an impressive 40 percent per year.

Containers are seen as a way to modernise legacy workloads and speed up the development of new cloud-native applications that need to be portable, scalable and agile.

According to SUSE’s research, a quarter of all organisations are currently using containerised applications. The research also found that 44 percent of organisations are planning to use containers within the next 12 months.

3.    SDI is the future of the data centre

Data centres have traditionally been built using hardware architectures that are too rigid and slow to respond to the needs of modern dynamic applications.

By contrast, a Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI), transforms your data centre into a private cloud platform. Advanced functionality and automation delivered by software rather than expensive proprietary hardware. Compute, networking and storage capacity are provided in dynamic, easy to use pools of resources that are quickly deployed and easily managed based on the needs of the workloads or users.

The SUSE research found that 95 percent of organisations believe SDI is the future for their data centre. This is  unsurprising given the various advantages which SDI bring which include faster delivery of resources simplified management, enabling DevOps or hybrid cloud and improved scalability.

Knowing what IT leaders believe is strategically important to their IT transformation efforts is invaluable. But successfully delivering that transformation is a tough ask. If it was easy, everyone would have it done already.

* Source: SDI, Containers and DevOps – Cloud Adoption Trends Driving IT Transformation


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