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OpenStack has rapidly become the standard for both service providers and enterprises looking to build a cloud environment.

One of the drivers of this adoption has been the ability to leverage open software solutions and whitebox hardware to cut both CapEx up front, as well as OpEx long term. In addition to the financial benefits, organisations who have adopted OpenStack as their cloud foundation have discovered that they can reduce lengthy deployment cycles of new apps and services.

In a customer-focused industry (which, most will agree, is every industry), improving time to delivery is always a huge win.

As a cloud provider for the Australian federal government, Vault Systems found that they needed to build a cloud infrastructure with service delivery as top of mind, but security and scalability were also critical to long term success.

To paint the picture: they are building sophisticated clouds that serve important data, and are required to securely scale into 10s of thousands of workloads in an instant. They were looking to build an open, flexible 100GbE network that provided a high level of security for its government entity clients and needed a data center network that provided control, scale and stability.

Over the past several years Cumulus Networks has helped numerous customers plan, design and deploy their OpenStack cloud. Vault Systems chose Cumulus Networks as the foundation for their web-scale network,

Cumulus’ native Linux Network operating system (NOS) makes it easy and economical to deploy, configure and manage because the entire stack runs Linux, the common language of the data centre. The networking and compute components now “speak the same language” without complex compute APIs or networking CLIs. This allows admins to configure and manage the entire stack with tools like Ansible, Puppet and Chef. Since adopting Cumulus Linux as the foundation for their network infrastructure, Vault has improved performance and found peace of mind that their network is the fastest and most resilient available in market today.

If your organisation is considering a private or hybrid cloud approach, tune in on Tuesday, August 14th at 10 am Sydney time to hear the story from Vault Systems Founder and CEO Rupert Taylor-Price of what took them down the path of OpenStack to build their cloud infrastructure and why they chose Cumulus Networks as the provider to maximize their performance, scalability and security requirements. We will also be joined by Director of Product Marketing at Cumulus Networks, Scott Edwards, around how Cumulus is leading the open networking movement and helping organizations take advantage of open source solutions to build more agile, automated network infrastructures.

About Cumulus Networks

Cumulus Networks is pioneering a new generation of web-scale, automated and open networks to enable network agility in an era of digital transformation. Our software, Cumulus Linux, is the only solution that allows you to affordably build and efficiently operate your network like the world’s largest data center operators, whether you have 6 racks or 6 data centers. With over 1,000 customers and over 2.75 million switch ports worldwide, Cumulus Networks powers data centers ranging from small businesses and universities to enterprises and some of the world’s largest cloud providers. See how easy it is to get started on your journey to open networking with our virtual test environment — Cumulus in the Cloud.


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