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Why Android is perfect for the workforce mobility revolution

The Workforce Mobility Revolution is happening now. Staff are no longer confined to the traditional office environment and are able to work from just about anywhere.

The potential of a mobile workforce is ideal for companies that are looking to stay ahead of existing competitors and keep up with new industry disruptors.

Adopting a mobility structure streamlines tasks, and introduces a new level of visibility into operations. Businesses implementing mobility into their workforce can expect to gain:

•    Productivity – through using advanced operating systems, devices, and purpose-built software applications that speed up workflows

•    Efficiency – via processes that eliminate waste or complexity

•    Accuracy – with advanced data collection capabilities that reduce the soft and hard costs associated with error

But to harness the full potential of this revolution, businesses will need to equip staff with and the right tools and software solutions. Smartphone-style enterprise devices can aid in providing an intuitive experience for users, similar to the devices they use at home. This reduces training times, and allows staff to be productive from day one.

Android-based devices such as Zebra’s latest enterprise optimised Android range are rapidly emerging as a dominant force for enterprises . Outside of rugged business applications, Android already has the biggest install base of any OS in the world . What’s helped drive this widespread adoption of Android is its relatively open nature, allowing businesses to tailor devices and programs to their specific needs.

Additionally, upgrading OS and devices allow for revision of workflows. By incorporating a review of processes alongside the introduction of new mobile technology, businesses can aim to complete tasks faster and with fewer resources. This also helps eliminate costly and time-consuming errors which occurred using the prior system.  

Opportunities in the different sectors

This may be as simple as incorporating a 2D barcode scanner into a mobile device rather than relying on manual barcode entry, or it could also involve more sophisticated processes such as app-based task interleaving. In turn, this will lead to greater accuracy and faster task completion.

There is no denying the importance of the Workforce Mobility Revolution. Smart companies have the chance to effectively equip their staff for this new era of business – with those adapting quickly turning this opportunity into future business success.   

The workforce mobility revolution is happening now. Discover the opportunities to increase productivity, efficiency and accuracy here.




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