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The increasing need for more bandwidth per port has means we have gone from 1G to 10G being normal, with 40G and 100G connections becoming essential to deal with rising data rates. Port capacity will continue to be tested with 200G and 400G fibre connectivity products set to hit the market in the coming years.

When expanding a fibre network, the costs of the hardware (switches, storage devices) is often outweighed by the connectivity products (optical transceivers, direct attach cables). So, is there a way of reducing the cost of network expansion without any downside?

Option A) Buy from original vendors

Normally you purchase fibre connectivity products from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). These offer excellent quality though the main drawback for purchasing from OEMs is the cost. Most OEMs sell at an mark-up which is prohibitive especially when costing a large capacity expansion over hundreds of ports.

Also, OEMs simply source and re-badge their products from China. They lock their products with code to maintain market share and their inflated profit margins.

OEMs will try and protect their market share by spreading FUD (fear, uncertainty & doubt) about using alternative products to their own. OEMs are known to spread lies about using alternative fibre connectivity products, saying they will void warranties and service agreements, which is totally untrue. The only way a transceiver will ever void a warranty is if it was responsible for damaging the hardware . If you plug a transceiver into a switch and it is not compatible the only thing that happens is the link will not work which in no way harms the hardware.

Option B) Buy from China

Buying from China is cheap, but the quality of the products is a lottery. Having visited many transceiver manufacturers factories in China, the difference in quality is huge. There are some facilities that are perfectly clean and dust free using OEM quality components. They have good manufacturing and testing processes, and use sophisticated testing equipment. And there are many companies who are the exact opposite. There are also companies posing as transceiver manufacturers who make nothing, but simply purchase products from the cheapest source availableoften using recycled components including lasers.

When buying direct from China, after sales service is sketchy. With reported high failure rates, if youhave an issue it is hard to communicate with the seller who will not offer forward replacement. You will need to return the failed product to China to get tested which is a long and arduous process to get the product replaced.

Option C) Buy from PlusOptic

Buying your fibre connectivity products from PlusOptic has many advantages.

Firstly, the quality of the product. All PlusOptic optical modules are produced according to strict MSA (Multisource Agreement) standards, the same standards OEMs adhere to. Every product purchased from PlusOptic is manufactured in a state of the art ISO 9001 accredited production facility, which is dust free, has the very best equipment, follows rigorous QA & testing processes and only uses the highest quality components and lasers, as used in OEM products.

You also get local stock and support. PlusOptic offers qualified advice on product selection and hold local stock of all key products to ensure that 90% of orders are shipped the same / next day.

PlusOptic also have the technical capability to re-code optics that are not in stock.

PlusOptic products support bandwidths from 100Mb to 100G. We have thousands of products including transceivers such as SFPs, XFPs, QSFP+, Direct Attach Cables, NIC Cards, Fibre Patch Leads, Media Converters and Multiplexers. PlusOptic specialise in long haul optics as well as DWDM / CWDM, both passive and amplified.

PlusOptic are multi-vendor fibre connectivity specialists who have been operating for 10 years with great experience in inter-connecting different vendors’ hardware. PlusOptic offer a 100% compatibility guarantee for over 100 vendors such as Cisco, HP, Brocade, Dell, Huawei and many more.

We offer the same level of product quality as original vendors’ products, quicker lead times, exceptional levels of support, forward replacement and longer warranties for a fraction of the price.

Sourcing from PlusOptic is risk free. We offer a 100% compatibility money back guarantee. When you install your PlusOptic product, if you are in any way unhappy with the products’ performance we will refund you or find you an alternate solution.

All PlusOptic products have a 3 year warranty. On the rare occasions where there is an issue, weoffer forward replacement as we know how important it is to get your network back up and running as quickly as possible.

For more information on PlusOptic fibre connectivity products:

Tel: 02 8324 1413

Email: info@plusoptic.com

Web: https://www.plusoptic.com/

About PlusOptic

Product Reliability, Unrivalled Service & Support PlusOptic produces a wide range of fibre connectivity products to meet all your needs including multiplexers, transceivers, direct attach cables, and fibre patch leads. Our products deliver 100% compatibility with over 100 hardware vendors including Cisco, HP, Brocade & Juniper. We offer abroad range of proven fibre optic connectivity solutions from 100Mbps – 100Gbps. When you choose PlusOptic, you can expect exceptional product quality, long warranties, quick lead times, prompt technical support, and an overall level of service that is unrivalled in the industry. It’s something we’re quite proud of.


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