Cloud-based services can increase the efficiency of your business operations, improve cash flow and bring many other benefits.

There’s no doubt about its capabilities and advantages. However, did you know that cloud service providers differ in their approach to data security and use of technology? These differences may seem minor at first, but they could have an enormous impact on the accessibility, privacy, availability, and integrity of your sensitive data.

If you’re thinking of migrating to the cloud, here are the top 10 features you need to be on the lookout for from your cloud service provider:

1.    You need up-time guarantee

The potential impact of downtime can be severe.

Look for a cloud service provider who clearly documents the amount of downtime that’s allowed on your platform. Don’t assume that your definition of downtime matches theirs. Ask your potential provider to explain a few downtime reimbursement scenarios to you before you sign up for their services.

Here at Zettagrid we guarantee you uptime and backs up our claims by offering financial rebates. We have several levels of redundancy to ensure that our systems deliver high uptime even during maintenance and upgrades.

2.    You need complete control

Apart from looking for a complete service level agreement (SLA) backed cloud solution, search for cloud providers that offer you a higher degree of control and flexibility.

At Zettagrid we’re committed to giving our customers better and more control. Our services allow you to retain full control of every aspect of your virtual data centre environment.

3.    You need a customised solution

To make the most of the cloud without wasting resources, find out if the provider allows you to customise your solution to suit your needs. You may not need everything that is packaged up for you and your business.

Zettagrid cloud is easy to use, secure, and scalable, but the best part is that you only spend on the resources you use.

4.    You need ease of use

In order to quickly and cost-effectively drive business outcomes, you’ll need a portal that’s easy to setup and navigate. An easy-to-use and intuitive portal makes it simpler for you to quickly manage your IT resources online.

The Zettagrid portal gives you the power to configure your system as you wish. It’s simple to use and adjusts to the dynamic IT needs of your business.

5.    You need amazing price to performance

Many cloud providers charge their customers for several items like IOPS, GETs, and PUTs. It’s hard to make sense of all these additional charges on your bill. Instead of trying to decode the costs listed on your bill, look for a provider that charges you a fixed charge month after month.

That’s Zettagrid offers simple and predictable billing. Say goodbye to invoice shock or unexplained charges.

6.    You need to avoid lock-in contracts

Not all cloud service providers live up to their SLAs. If they lock you into a contract, you might have to stick with them even if they don’t meet your requirements.

Zettagrid’s ‘love or leave it’ policy makes it easier for you to do decide whether you still want to continue using our outstanding services. You’re never locked in. That’s just how confident we are in our capabilities.

7.    You need local data storage & support

Many cloud service providers don’t advertise where their data centres are. They may store your data overseas and even move your data without notifying you.

With Zettagrid, we host your data locally in Australia, with zones in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. We make sure we keep your data safe by complying with Australian Privacy Principles.

8.    You need data sovereignty

If your data is stored overseas, your rights over your data come second to the rights of the organisation that’s minding your data. This is something you ought to consider when looking for a provider.

We understand this principle at Zettagrid and make sure your data remains safe right here in Australia.

9.    You need backup and replication options

Look for a service provider that offers you a quick and easy way to backup, replicate, and restore data from the cloud. That way you’re always protected, no matter what.

Zettagrid gives you the opportunity to choose the right backup and replication solutions for your business so you can avoid harmful data loss in the event of an unexpected business outage. That way your business can quickly recover and have your business operations restored.

10.    You need real-time metrics

Sometimes, it’s challenging to manage virtual environments because of their complexity. Find a provider that offers you real-time metrics. They will show you how well your virtual environment is performing and let you easily find and remediate performance issues.

Zettagrid offer real-time metrics with real-time control, 24/7.

If you’re ready to transform your business with the latest cloud solutions, find out more about transitioning to Zettagrid.

Call us at 1300 597 656 or visit zettagrid if you’d like to leverage the power of the cloud.


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