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Aussie SMB Warren & Brown builds world leading pilot FTTH network in Vietnam

In a boost to the local Australian R&D and Technology industry, global leader in optical fibre and copper cabling, Warren & Brown Technologies (W&BT) have successfully taken part in a Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) trial project in Vietnam.

Playing a key leading role for local carrier Vietnam Telecom (Viettel), Warren and Brown provided the initial consultation services including network planning and design, detailed engineering and installation as well as training and product supply for the project.

Warren and Brown were able to offer a customised solution which met the needs of the customer as well as taking total responsibility for the overall project.

The project started to take shape in May 2013 when a contingent of Viettel executives visited Australia and hosted by Warren and Brown Technologies, met with management teams from NBNCo and Telstra.

The Viettel team immediately recognised the value of the Australian NBN and entered into negotiations with W&BT to develop a trial network.

Warren and Brown Technologies (W&BT) and Viettel then entered into an agreement for the consultation service to rollout the proposed FTTH network in April 2014 starting with W&BT working with Viettel in the design of the Optical Distribution Network (ODN) and in establishing which PON architecture would be best suitable for urban and rural areas.

Later in May 2014, W&BT was awarded the consultancy work to prepare the design and construction guidelines for the ODN for the first pilot site which would pass 600 homes. The project focused on rural medium density applications and is part of the initial FTTH rollout in Danang City, situated in the Central part of Vietnam.

The project had been delivered on behalf of Viettel to serve 600 households in the area, offering both IP and RF TV connectivity. The IP connectivity includes internet, IP telephony and IP TV for customers wanting to connect broadband internet and digital TV.

In addition, Analog RF TV will also be offered for customers requiring only RF cable TV connectivity. Construction was completed within the span of 3 weeks with all 600 homes passed within the network and the unique network architecture and configuration provided by W&BT will allow Viettel to play a leading role in the development of FTTH in Asia.

In addition, Warren and Brown Technologies provided detailed theory and practical training, in all aspects of fibre optic cable technology fundamentals, cable installation, termination and testing procedures for FTTH PON Networks to all Viettel technical personnel throughout all of the Vietnam provinces.

According to Warren & Brown’s Managing Director Neil Domelow the experience and expertise gained from Warren and Brown’s previous involvements in the Australian National Broadband Network (NBN) as well as projects in Holland and the Philippines, was important in showcasing the companies capabilities.

“We were able to draw on our knowledge gained from our internationally experienced group of Engineers to come up with a system tailored for the conditions - which performed as soon as the "switch was flicked".

“I am personally extremely proud of the W&BT team who made it happen, under sometimes trying conditions.”

“We believe the system is the most economical, fit for purpose design, possible at this time. It is a project that has elevated Australia's telecommunications technical expertise to a whole new level on the world stage," concluded Neil.

Highlights of Warren and Brown involvement:

- Provided service for the design and network planning of the network- Provided detailed engineering design for the construction of the network- Provided onsite supervision for the construction of the network

- Provided training for the Viettel Engineering staff- Supply and procurement of products

- Conducted testing during and after the construction of Fiber optic network.

Warren and Brown introduced to this project the use of spider web ribbon fibre, which was one of the key products offered along with various W&BT indoor and outdoor optical fibre termination products.

Warren & Brown Technologies is a wholly Australian owned and operated designer and manufacturer of innovative Optical Fibre and Copper Cabling hardware and accessories, supplying products to a broad range of telecommunications markets throughout the world and is a key supplier for the Australian National Broadband Network and Telstra.


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