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LiveBackup launches a revolutionary recovery based pricing model - pay for data recovery, not backup

Surfers Paradise, Queensland, May 08, 2014 – Starting this week, Australian businesses will be able to sign up for a first-ever backup and recovery service that charges customers according to the percentage of data they recover, rather than how much they back up.


LiveBackup, Australia’s leading cloud backup and restore service provider, is switching its pricing from the traditional capacity based pricing model to recovery based pricing model, which is designed to yield organisations potentially significant savings by shifting the pricing focus on recovery percentage, not backup.


In the recovery based pricing model, the backup and recovery costs are separated. The two pricing elements consist of: 1) a fixed cost for Gb/month for backup capacity and 2) the recovery cost, which is based on recovery usage measured as a percentage of the company’s total backup volume. This pricing model typically provides savings of about 40 percent and up to 70 percent over time, reducing companies’ total cost of backup.


“The new model is based on low, limited recovery costs, meaning our customers’ expenditures will remain predictable and low even as their data volumes grow,” said Todd Brooker, LiveBackup’s Sales Director. “This pricing model is about alignment with real business value – and the real value is in recovery.”


LiveBackup’s shift to the new pricing model is a result of the backup provider’s close partnership with Asigra, one of the world’s leading enterprise backup and recovery software vendors, who introduced this new paradigm in pricing to the world’s backup market.



“With data volumes continuing to skyrocket, the traditional backup pricing model is becoming outdated and is no longer proportionate to the business value the product delivers,” said Eran Farajun, Executive Vice President, Asigra. “As our strategic partner in Australia, LiveBackup is playing an important role in bringing the Asigra Recovery License Model® to the backup market in this region and reducing the impact of data growth on their customers.”


As the first backup provider on the Australian market to offer a pricing model with a pay-for-recovery element, LiveBackup is poised to revolutionise the backup market by aligning data protection with core business values and allowing its customers to drastically reduce their backup costs. For enterprises, whose backup volumes are measured in tens of terabytes, the new model offers a particular benefit as they will no longer have to pay exorbitant monthly fees to protect critical business data in a secure and reliable manner.


The recovery based pricing model offered by LiveBackup benefits customers in three main ways:


  • Separating and lowering backup and recovery costs

  • Providing actionable information for proactive data protection

  • Keeping costs low even as the volume of data grows


“The new pricing model we adopted provides a lower cost way for customers to protect their mission critical data. As backup sets grow, the average cost is reduced, which makes it ideal for customers and wholesale partners who backup large quantities of data,” added Mr Brooker.





About LiveBackup


Established in 2010, LiveBackup is a preeminent cloud backup and restore service provider, founded by GCOMM, a managed services provider serving businesses and corporate customers operating in Australia. The LiveBackup service combines one of the world’s top backup and recovery softwares, Asigra, with tier one hardware manufacturers, certified secure data centres and a team of exceptional local engineers. In less than two years since inception, LiveBackup has grown to protect over 350 terabytes of customer data. Adding over five terabytes of protected data each month has earned LiveBackup a position among leading cloud backup and restore service providers in Australia.



Visit LiveBackup’s website for more information about our recovery based pricing


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