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Online entrepreneurs can sell digital downloads in minutes thanks to Australian startup

The Australian based online payments startup Selz aims to help online entrepreneurs do what they love by making it super easy for them to sell what they make direct to fans.

Selz was formed with the goal of helping bloggers, musicians, artists, indie software developers and ebook writers to sell what they create and get paid by making selling via blogs and social networks simple.

Creators can start selling digital downloads and physical products normally within minutes and with just a few clicks.

Selz doesn’t require a merchant account which can be a major issue for anyone looking to start to sell online. There are no monthly fees or contracts and only a simple flat fee per sale.

Selz is emerging as one of the key PayPal alternatives for bloggers selling digital downloads.

Bloggers can choose from adding a buy now button or widget showing the product details on their site. Selz's buy button is aimed at bloggers who don’t want to do any programming but want their audience to be able to purchase securely without leaving their site.  

Selz has also made it easier for online creators to sell via their social networks using its integrated sharing to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest all at the click of a mouse.

This week Selz has launched a new preview feature allowing indie film makers, animators and indie game developers to show a preview of their work to potential buyers before they purchase.

Selz is not another marketplace but an ideal tool for bloggers, ebook writers, independent film or game makers wanting to sell direct to fans easily without any up front costs or development headaches. Selz already has thousands of online sellers in the USA, UK, and Australia.  

Selz will come as a welcome solution to the millions of independent creators that are not professional web developers but who want a secure and easy way to start selling direct from their site. 

Visit Selz website for more details



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