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Selz targets PayPal share with in page selling

Sydney based online payments startup Selz.com is taking market share from industry giant PayPal by allowing sellers to keep their buyers “in page”. The company is adding thousands of new sellers each month since launching earlier this year, including top YouTube vloggers like Karissa Pukas, whose saturdaynightsalrite has over 280,000 subscribers.

Selz’s new “don’t leave me” button is aimed at bloggers who don’t want to do any programming but want their audience to be able to purchase without leaving their site. Selz, which is quickly establishing itself as a PayPal alternative, is already being adopted by online sellers in the USA, UK, Australia and Canada. The company is targeting the estimated 171 million blogs globally.

Martin Rushe, founder of Selz.com, explained “Bloggers work hard to make great content which engages their audience. With our “in page” buy button they needn’t send visitors away to sell them something. Selz means less buyer friction, lower abandonment rates and simpler sales.”

Selz.com was formed with the goal of making selling via blogs and social networks simple. The company’s service allows users to sell digital downloads and physical products with just a few clicks. There is no monthly fee, no merchant account needed, no contracts and only a simple flat fee per sale. For site owners adding a Selz button is as easy as cutting and pasting a snippet of code to their site, like embedding a YouTube video. 

Bloggers can choose from adding a “buy now” button or widget showing the product details on their site. Selz has also made it easier for bloggers to sell via their social networks using its integrated sharing to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest at the click of a mouse.

Selz will come as a welcome solution to the millions of bloggers that are not professional web developers who want a secure and easy way to start selling from their site. 

Martin Rushe is not intimidated by the prospect of a David and Goliath contest with PayPal.  “We’re happy to stand feature-to-feature against PayPal. We think we have a simpler solution and believe we’re more responsive to the needs of our customers.” 


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