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Keeping the Spotlight on E-Waste in Australia

There is movement across the Asia Pacific region for increased e-waste recycling and diversion of unwanted electrical and electronic product from landfill, such as televisions, computers, printers, appliances and batteries.

In Australia, the scale of the problem is significant with an estimated 106,000 tonnes of televisions and computers (16.8 million units) reaching end of life in recent years, and the numbers are growing.

The National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme is leading the way with various industry organisations rolling out collection and recycling services across urban and regional areas.

Included in this pursuit of excellence, are individuals, teams and companies behind noteworthy environmental solutions, including the contribution of John Gertsakis, Chief Sustainability Officer at Infoactiv Group.

As a result of his work on e-waste recycling policy and implementation, John has been named as a ‘Resources and Waste Leader’ in the 2013 WME Leaders List. This wonderful acknowledgement resulted from over 100 nominations and more than 1500 public votes.

The WME Leaders List is an annual event focused on recognising individuals and their leadership qualities. It is judged by industry experts and the WME readership, and highlights outstanding individual achievements, which advance sustainability.

John was involved from the outset in 2000 with early calls to establish a national approach to industry-funded e-waste recycling. Underpinned by relentless advocacy, his collaborative approach with government, industry and NGOs played a critical role in realising the Commonwealth Product Stewardship Act 2011.

As part of a specialist team at Infoactiv, John’s work on e-waste recycling is now expanding into new sectors, and is aimed at helping organisations minimise business risk and environmental harm from a hybrid of products and related waste such as laptops, appliances, batteries, commercial furniture and polystyrene.

Infoactiv’s Managing Director, Helen Jarman noted that:

“John’s knowledge, history and action on product sustainability is comprehensive, and spans over a decade of consulting to brands, OEMs, industry associations and governments in Australia and New Zealand. John’s WME accolade further accentuates the quality of commitment and expertise fostered at Infoactiv in pursuit of exceeding customer expectations.”

John’s commitment to ensuring long term solutions to e-waste recycling began in 1996 with Australia’s first comprehensive report on e-waste titled ‘Short Circuiting Waste from Electrical and Electronic Products’, published by RMIT University. He also advised the consumer electronics industry on the development of TV recycling in Australia.

John’s work on environmental stewardship has been further highlighted through his appointment to the Australian Government’s Product Stewardship Advisory Group, where his experience is directly relevant to recommending new products and wastes that could be addressed under the Product Stewardship Act.

In response to the Leaders List accolade, John said that:

“Being a WME Resources and Waste Leader is a wonderful honour and I feel truly humbled. More importantly it keeps product stewardship and e-waste recycling on the agenda. It also demonstrates that our customers and their investment in product recovery results in broader social, economic and environmental benefit.


Helen Jarman – Managing Director

Infoactiv Group

Mobile:  0410 555 671  

Email:  helen.jarman@infoactiv.com.au


Infoactiv is the leading independent specialist provider of supply chain and sustainability solutions in Asia Pacific, delivering value-added product stewardship and asset management solutions to OEMs, brands, retailers, corporations, institutions and government agencies.

Established in Australia in 1999 by Helen Jarman, Entrepreneur and Telstra Businesswoman’s Award recipient, Infoactiv partners with customers as a trusted and independent operator focused on reverse logistics, sustainability and innovation.

For more information see:  www.ecoactiv.com.au


The WME Leaders List is an annual event aimed at identifying and acknowledging the contribution of individuals towards advancing sustainability through policy, regulation, practices, ideas and innovation. The Leaders List process is run by WME magazine, one of Australian’s leading ‘Environment Business’ publications.

For more information see:  www.wme.com.au


John Gertsakis – Chief Sustainability Officer

Infoactiv Group

Level 3, 26-28 Prospect Street

Box Hill Victoria 3128 Australia

Mobile:  0409 422 089  

Email:  john.gertsakis@infoactiv.com.au





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