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Integrated Research announces Prognosis 10 for Payments

Powered by a new web-based interface, Prognosis 10 provides  invaluable insight for payments organizations

ACI Exchange EMEA− Barcelona, Spain 24 April 2013 − Integrated Research (IR) today announced the forthcoming release of Prognosis 10.  The new release delivers a powerful web-based, mobile user experience, intelligent alerting, and business insight.  Prognosis 10 empowers organizations to discover, harness and analyse valuable payments information anytime, anywhere.

Integrated Research CEO Mark Brayan said “Prognosis 10 is fast, secure, and mobile.   Built on the Prognosis core architecture, our customers can take advantage of new features to gain more value from their payments system investments.”

•    Access to Prognosis with a new web interface is simple from any modern browser, or from the iOS app – Prognosis First Responder.  This increases mobility for the ‘on-the-go’ professional and enhances their user experience.

•    Easy intelligent alerting allows payments businesses to see and solve critical problems before they impact customers.  Payments managers can receive a real-time alert for a drop in approved transactions, for example.  Prognosis finds this right away and enables your teams to fix the problem quickly.

•    The business insight capability in Prognosis 10 satisfies requirements for enhanced reporting and analysis through a modern, scalable platform, and enables payments organizations to unlock valuable information previously inaccessible.  

Prognosis is already making a difference with financial institutions of all sizes around the world, enabling them to see issues clearly and immediately.  This has been enhanced by IR’s strategic partnership with ACI, from May 2010.

Brayan added “Since commencing the partnership with ACI, IR has launched a number of Prognosis solutions supporting the next generation of fraud, retail and wholesale payments systems from ACI.

“Businesses can measure the success of a credit card program, can identify low performing retail stores for targeted marketing, and can even compare transaction volume today, with volume from a year ago.  Prognosis 10 enables payments leaders to make intelligent business decisions quickly and securely, whilst maintaining privacy.”

Prognosis 10 will be rolled out globally throughout the next quarter.  For more information visit www.prognosis.com/prognosis10

About Integrated Research (IR)  
Integrated Research (IR) is a leading global provider of high-definition performance monitoring, diagnostics and reporting software. The creator of award-winning Prognosis®, IR builds scalable, customizable solutions designed to manage continuity-critical IT infrastructure, payments and communications ecosystems. IR provides real time solutions that give customers the insight they need to run their business, reduce their operating costs, minimize risk, and gain competitive advantage. For further information on Integrated Research, please visit www.ir.com

Media Contact
Andrew Levido
Integrated Research
t: +61 2 9966 1066
e: media@ir.com


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