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Cloud-Based Property Stacking Plans Arrive on iPad With Surga Central

With a new release of Surga Central from Adept Business Systems, commercial real estate brokers are now able to dynamically generate property stacking plans in the cloud and view them from an iPad or desktop computer.

"When visiting owners or showing properties to potential new tenants, brokers need immediate access to reliable, up-to-date information," said Steve Clark, CEO of Adept. "Until now, most real estate firms have had to rely on stacking plans that are static and therefore incapable of reflecting changes in price or availability," he added. "Delivering an interactive, dynamic plan that can be viewed on an iPad in front of a client will dramatically alter the competitive efficiency of a real estate sales person and improve customer service," said Clark.

Surga Central's Stacking Plans provide a colour-coded graphical display that combines occupancy, listing and lease expiry information for a property. Each floor or level can be tapped to reveal further information such as the name of the tenant, the area occupied, rent details and the expiry date of the lease. Because the Stacking Plan is dynamic and cloud-based, if a change is made to the underlying data in the central office, the information is automatically adjusted when viewed on an iPad by a field-based broker. Surga Central can also generate an interactive bar graph profiling the lease expiry of the building to assist purchasers understand the future rental stream.

Agencies using Surga Central in Australia include Ray White Metro, Facey Industrial, Lemon Baxter, Gorman Commercial, Hartigan Bolt, Laing+Simmons Commercial, Link Property Services, Alessandrino Property Group and First Commercial Realty.

For further information:

Steve Clark, CEO, Adept Business Systems

+61293305555 or +61405261403




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