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Ipswitch launches WhatsUp Gold v16

SYDNEY, October 18,  2012Ipswitch, Inc., developers of the WhatsUp Gold suite of IT Management solutions, today released WhatsUp Gold v16 – the most powerful, robust and cost-effective performance monitoring software available in its class.


Simple to use and easy to download, WhatsUp Gold v16 removes the hassles, complexity and costs associated with enterprise-grade IT management and comes with unmatched out-of-the-box functionality.  This includes comprehensive network, server and application monitoring, automated layer 2 discovery and mapping, advanced wireless infrastructure management and hardware and software asset reporting – all in a single, downloadable application.

The software’s single interface integrates all network, systems and application management tools into one web-based console, providing administrators with a central hub for everything IT management, and a simple means to maintain a healthy, strong and secure IT infrastructure.


“This latest release of WhatsUp Gold takes into account essentially everything an IT administrator would want to know about their network and presents it in a single, easy-to-use dashboard,” said Martin Higham, CEO of Ipswitch’s Australian distributor, Digital Networks Australia. “All our existing users, especially our larger enterprise customers are very excited about the increases in functionality – a single WhatsUp Gold server can now manage tens of thousands of monitors and devices with the new Scalability Pollers.” 

“There’s been a gaping hole in the IT management space for years. Small and mid-sized businesses had to depend on watered-down solutions, while Fortune 500s were burdened with the complexities of management platforms that took months to deploy and a large staff to manage,” said Ronnie Ray, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at Ipswitch’s

Network Management Division. “WhatsUp Gold v16 fills this gap with powerful and scalable enterprise-level functionality, minus the hassles, and at a price that any size business can afford.”

New functionality offered at no additional cost in WhatsUp Gold v16 Premium Edition includes:

- Wireless infrastructure management to monitor wireless bandwidth, track BYOD trends and stay vigilant against rogue devices.

- Layer 2 discovery and mapping for visual insight into the connectivity between wired and wireless devices, immediate access to performance information directly from the map, and  the ability to automatically set monitoring rules and dependencies that speeds up problem resolution.

- Asset and inventory reporting to automatically discover, monitor and report on network and software assets and associated warranty information.

In addition, WhatsUp Gold v16 introduces a highly scalable, distributed architecture where a single WhatsUp Gold system with supporting pollers can monitor up to 20,000 devices and over 100,000 monitors. This will open the door for mid to large enterprises, to choose WhatsUp Gold for their complete monitoring needs.

WhatsUp Gold v16 is completely scalable from the startup to the enterprise, capable of powering organisations with as little as 25 devices, or as many as 20,000. The device-based pricing model eliminates buyer confusion and saves companies money by ensuring that organisations only pay for what they need. The single unified interface dramatically reduces the costs associated with deploying multiple, high-maintenance solutions in a single environment.

Pricing for WhatsUp Gold v16 starts at $US1,595. A free 30-day trial is available to download from the WhatsUpGold website. The single-footprint download and easy installation will have IT managers up and running in minutes.

About the Network Management Division of Ipswitch, Inc.

The Network Management Division of Ipswitch, Inc. is the developer of the WhatsUp Gold suite of innovative IT management software. WhatsUp Gold is deployed on over 100,000 networks worldwide and delivers comprehensive network, system, application and event log monitoring and management solutions for small and medium businesses and enterprises. The award winning solution supports a wide range of IT management tasks including automated discovery, mapping, real-time monitoring, alerting, troubleshooting and reporting.

Founded in 1991, Ipswitch, Inc. is headquartered in Lexington, Massachusetts, and has offices in Atlanta and Augusta, Georgia and Madison, Wisconsin, as well as its European headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Ipswitch sells its products through distributors, resellers and OEMs worldwide.

To learn more about WhatsUp Gold, please visit: http://www.whatsupgold.com/products/download/

Media Contact

Martin Higham

CEO,  Digital Networks Australia

Phone:  +61 (0) 418 973 819.

Email:  martin.higham@dna.com.au


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