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Useful Windows freeware – Wise registry cleaner


Freeware is important to the Windows community as Apps are to mobile devices. This series of reviews selects an outstanding freeware in each category and tests it for efficacy, free from spy/malware and if it is worth using.


What does it do?

Wise Registry Cleaner locates and corrects problems in the Windows registry including missing references to shared DLLs, unused registration entries for file extensions, and missing referenced application paths. It also marks registry items which are safe to remove (and vice versa). It can automatically or manually back up the registry before making changes making it easy to roll back if necessary.

Runs on

All Windows 32/64bit systems from Windows 2000 or later including server editions (I have not tried it on Windows Server past 2003).

Why I use it

As a PC “guru” I inevitably get asked to help friends out with slow or sick PC’s. Most of the time slowness is due to infection with spy/malware but it is also caused by a bloated registry and too many background programs. So I first run Wise Disk Cleaner (from the same company - future review) that usually clears out Gigabytes of crap and removes cookies and internet temporary files, then run Spybot (future review) to clear out most malware, then run Wise Registry Cleaner to clean the rest up. In the five years plus I have been using this it has never caused a registry issue – it is safe and has always had positive results. If this does not fix it then nothing short of rocket science will and it is time to reinstall Windows. It has a few added functions

Tune up System: Basic but effective System optimiser – OS, Network, start-up etc.

Defragment Registry: Improves system stability and provides a minor speed increase.

Manage Restore: Create and Manage System Restore points (although you can do this in Windows as well its more convenient here)

Backup and Restore Registry: Backup Windows Registry and Manage Restore files

Other software

Started in 2005 by three “young” Asian programmers they have developed a wide range of tools aiming to be “the best” in each category. Their revenue model is aimed at getting you to try Wise Care 365 (newest combined Swiss Army knife approach using most of the standalone programmes below. Initial testing looks promising as a top recommendation).

Wise Care 365 – Free (Pro paid version as well). Clean registry and junk files from your PCs. Protect your privacy and make your PCs faster and more secure. Easy-use file recovery, local file fast search and other useful free tools

Wise Disk Cleaner – Free.  Deletes temporary files and privacy traces, as well as useless Windows files (IME etc.) Defragment your disk, free disk space and improve overall PC performance

Wise Data Recovery – Free. Recovers files (photo, word, email, txt, etc.) that have been "permanently" deleted and marked as free space by the operating system. The program can also be used to recover files deleted from USB flash drives, memory cards, or MP3 players

Wise Program Uninstaller – Free. Removes programs using either safe uninstall (Windows standard) or stubborn and broken programs by forced uninstall. Still considering if this is as good as Revo Uninstaller.

Wise Folder Hider – Free. Hide file/folders on local partitions or removable devices. Data can only be accessed by other users, programs or OS (DOS etc) by entering the valid password.

Wise Memory Optimizer – Free. Optimised and tunes up the physical memory taken up by some useless applications to enhance PC performance Wise Game Booster – Free. PC speedup tool aimed at Gamers with one click optimization to close processes and unnecessary Windows services, and also do other optimizations

Get it from  Wisecleaner



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