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DearMob: An easy way to backup and manage your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch without iTunes on PC or Mac

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iTunes isn't your only option to make backups of your iOS device, nor is it even the best way if you want to make full or selective backups of photos, documents, books, music, apps and more, with DearMob iPhone Manager offering capabilities that iTunes doesn't.

Want to back up or install apps from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your computer in 2019 using iTunes? Sorry, iTunes got rid of that functionality long ago, but DearMob iPhone Manager can easily do it.

What about easily backing up photos, music, books, documents and other data stored on your iOS device? iTunes lets you do some of these things, but nowhere near as easily as DearMob iPhone Manager can.

Indeed, DearMob iPhone Manager lets you selectively back up from your iPhone any of these file types with ease, to keep them safe on your PC or Mac, and even lets you make complete 1-click backups of, and restorations to, your iOS devices as desired.

The benefits don't stop there, of course.

Are you happy that your iPhone can store photos in the HEIC format to save space, but wish that photos would transfer HEIC to JPG to your computer for effortless sharing and compatibility with anyone? You can set DearMob iPhone Manager up to do it, or you can export photos in their original format - it's up to you!


It's the same story with videos, where your iPhone saves these by default using the space saving HEVC format. That's great on your phone, but sharing with others is easily done with videos converted to the H.264 MP4 format.

Well, DearMob iPhone Manager can do that too, or export them in HEVC if you wish, giving you the best of both worlds, saving you the space you need on your phone while giving you the effortless compatibility your need when those files are on your computer.

So, what's the full list of abilities that DearMob iPhone Manager has in transferring files from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your computer?

We know about photos and videos, which you can even transfer iPhone data with encryption when exported so they stay safe from prying eyes, and you can do the same with contacts too, encrypting them as well if desired.

You can also transfer across the files you've saved from various apps, as well as podcasts, books, voice memos, apps, SMS messages, calendar entries and bookmarks.

DearMob iPhone Manager even lets you copy files to and from your iOS device as though it were a USB Flash drive!

Books in ePub format can be exported as such, or can be converted to PDF, DOC or TXT files, and you can add books just as easily.

You can export your SMS messages too, which DearMob extracts from the backup it will make of your device.

Videos can be exported to your computer, or imported into your iOS Device.

Music can be exported, added, or deleted. You can easily edit a song's metadata, and DearMob even promises to let you remove DRM from music files that have it applied.

Manage and edit your contacts on your computer, with all the fields you expect, and you can create contacts and import them into your iOS device.

The Voice Message section lets you export or delete voice memos, and it's in that section that you can export, add or delete ringtones, too. There's even a ringtone maker here that lets you add any music you have, and then chop out a section up to 40 seconds long, which can then serve as the ringtone for any or all of your contacts.

DearMob iPhone Manager is a very easy to use iPhone manager (transfer iPad, iPod touch files as well), and adds a range of features that iTunes has either taken away, or never offered in the first place.

The company has very straightforward manuals available for the Windows version here, and the Mac version here, where you can see for yourself just how easy it is to manage iPhone files with DearMob iPhone Manager.

How to get the current version of DearMob iPhone Manager with a free license

DearMob is running a special iPhone Manager Giveaway if you register before August 8, 2019, which you can see here for Mac or Windows. If you miss the giveaway timeframe, you can also download trial version to transfer files without iTunes. Compared the full license, it only limits the amount of files for daily transfer.

This is for the current version only, and will need a paid upgrade if you want to use it with iOS 13 in the future, but given iOS 13 is still months away from release, this is a great way to back up and manage your iOS 12-equipped iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, and without any trial limitations (that would exist should you only download the trial version), you can see exactly how DearMob iPhone Manager works and use it in full.

Get DearMob iPhone manager full license code, you now can enjoy a 30% discount, offering free upgrades to the latest version for life, for 2 computers, at US $47.95, 30% off the regular price of US $67.95.

But when you install the free version of DearMob iPhone Manager, you'll find a 40% discount available for lifetime access to a single user license of the software for US 39.95, which is perfect for those who only need or want to use DearMob iPhone Manager with one computer.

Meanwhile the 2 computer license and 3 computer license exist in the DearMob iPhone Manager purchase page, and also offers the gift of a video converter app, too.

I've been using the free license to write this review, and I've found it extremely easy to use with my iPhone and iPad. You can check the software out for yourself and make the same discovery!

DearMob has a great writeup on how to backup iPhone without iTunes, or Restore Data to iPhone here and they have a quick video (embedded below) that shows how easy it all is.

How to backup iPhone without iTunes (iPhone X series 2019)

So, if you want to back up your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, or want selective access to just about anything on your device, then download a fully working free copy from the DearMob iPhone Manager official page here

There's even a competition you can enter to win an iPad mini, one of five licenses of VideoProc, an easy to use video editing app, or one of five US $25 Amazon eGift Cards. Check it out today!


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