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Tuesday, 04 June 2019 18:39

Kaspersky unveils new name and logo, promises to 'build a safer world'


From "Kaspersky Lab" to "Kaspersky", the company has been protecting its customers for more than two decades, and has transformed from anti-virus vendor to a global security leader where in today's world, the sky's no longer the limit.

Earlier this decade, the US had Kaspersky and "the Russians" in its sights, but since the election of President Donald Trump, things seem to be different.

Sure, there has been endless talk of "Russian collusion", which appears to have gone nowhere, with the new "threat" appearing to have morphed into China, ZTE and now Huawei.

Whether Kaspersky truly is off the US radar is yet to be seen, but the company certainly hasn't stood still, working hard to be at the forefront of cyber security issues worldwide, and simply getting on with the job of providing the products and services its over 400 million users and 270,000 corporate customers require in the 21st century.

As you'd expect, Kaspersky proudly boasts of "offering the best security solutions to customers in pursuit of its mission to save the world" and states that "as the world has become more digitised and globalised", it has "moved beyond the anti-virus laboratory to become a technology leader with an advanced and comprehensive portfolio of security solutions and services, including innovative products and technologies, cloud services and world-leading threat intelligence".

To celebrate the transformation, Kaspersky has rebranded itself and says it has adopted a new mission: "Building a safer world", which it says emphasises its "our commitment to a trusted and transparent future where everyone has the endless opportunities technology brings, because we protect it".

Kaspersky also states "the new branding reflects the evolution of our business focus from 'cyber security' towards the wider concept of 'cyber-immunity'."

We're told that "We live in a world where technology connects us across platforms and borders like never before. We are at a cross section where humans and technology are collaborating to improve our lives.

"Cyber security in today’s world is consequently about more than just protecting devices, but developing an ecosystem where everything connected is protected. Kaspersky’s rebranding marks the company’s commitment to this evolution, and to leading the development of higher industry standards for the future.

"It also marks the company’s support for the creation of connected systems that are secure-by-design and no longer where security is only an optional add-on layer at the end."

Commenting on the new rebranding, chief executive and founder of Kaspersky, Eugene Kaspersky, said: “Since we founded our company more than 22 years ago we’ve seen both the cyberthreat landscape and our industry evolve and change beyond recognition, while witnessing the growing role of technology in our lives both at work and at home.

"Today the world has new needs, and our rebranding reflects our vision to meet those needs – not just for today, but well into the future. Building upon our successful track record in protecting the world from cyberthreats, we’ll also help build a safer world that’s immune to cyberthreats. A world where everyone is able to freely enjoy the many benefits that technology has to offer,” Mr Kaspersky concluded.

As Kaspersky, with the mission of “Building a safer world”, the company says it will "enable everyone to embrace, trust and use new innovations that are protected by its technologies".

Ok, so what is more on the "new visual identity"?

As part of the rebrand, Kaspersky says it has also updated its visual identity "to reflect our core values and the essence of what Kaspersky stands for as an organisation".

"The new logo is created from geometric and mathematically exact letter forms, representing the top class software engineering expertise that the company originated from and to which we remain committed".

In line with the name change, Kaspersky have also dropped the word ‘Lab’.

Andrew Winton, vice-president of Marketing at Kaspersky, said: "The basis for our existing logo was developed in 1997 and many things have changed since then.

"Previously, we used letters from the Greek alphabet that are just not relevant anymore due to the changes in the breadth and depth of our communications - we need to look to the future and embrace the digital world.

"It seemed logical to remove the Lab from our name when we were developing the new visual identity – as we wanted to simplify our branding in a way that helps to deliver our newly inspired philosophy and mission, whilst still highlighting our company’s wide range of technologies."


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