Home Security MailGuard gets DigitalX advice on 'world-first Blockchain and AI cyber security network'

MailGuard gets DigitalX advice on 'world-first Blockchain and AI cyber security network'

DigitalX is the new corporate adviser on blockchain and AI cyber security for MailGuard, which is billed as "the world’s largest private software-as-a-service email security company".

DigitalX will advise MailGuard in the development of a blockchain cyber security ecosystem called GlobalGuard

Claimed as a "world first", we're told that "GlobalGuard will combine artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to identify emerging email-borne cyber threats".

DigitalX chief executive Leigh Travers said: “GlobalGuard will unite end-users, technology partners, cybercrime experts and vendors throughout the world on a living neural network, to identify and stop threats immediately. It is the next generation of cyber security and threat detection".

Melbourne-based MailGuard reminds us that it is "a cloud email and cyber security company that services clients in 27 countries", and has "partnerships with high-profile software providers, including Microsoft".

MailGuard chief executive Craig McDonald said: "GlobalGuard will leverage the past 17 years of MailGuard threat data and IP, in combination with an artificially intelligent neural network, trained to detect cyber security threats."

We are told that the AI algorithm used by GlobalGuard has been developed by MailGuard, in collaboration with Deakin University in Melbourne.

McDonald said: “The world’s largest companies and governments cannot win the war on cyber crime by acting alone. GlobalGuard will be the mechanism for real-time collaboration on the Blockchain to correct the imbalance of online cyber criminals".

There's also the stat provided that "global spending on cyber security products and services is predicted to exceed US$1 trillion by 2021", which is taken from a report by Cybersecurity Ventures.

Travers added: “Blockchain technology and AI is the new frontier in the fight against cyber crime. DigitalX is pleased to be involved with this project as GlobalGuard will connect a network of collaborators to identify and thwart cyber threats instantaneously."

We're also advised that "the collaboration between MailGuard and DigitalX will be a significant step towards commercialising the GlobalGuard technology".

Travers concluded: “DigitalX continues to strengthen our reputation for ICO advisory services and is now working with the world’s most promising blockchain companies to help them deliver their vision".

GlobalGuard will launch later in 2018, and is billed as "a global ecosystem of cybercrime fighters using the power of next generation AI and blockchain technology to defend businesses from criminal intent".

"It unites end users, technology partners, cyber crime experts and vendors, on a living neural network, to identify and stop emerging threats immediately. GlobalGuard protects businesses worldwide from high value cyber security damage and criminal threats including email malware, phishing and social engineering attacks." More information is here



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