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Carbon Black scores gold in NSS Labs’ AEP test

Carbon Black’s Cb Protection 8.0 scored 100% in the NSS Labs’ Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) test, the only application control solution to automate lockdown of data centre servers.

Cb Protection 8.0 features “Rapid Configs”, which are claimed to enable the highest form of server protection. These out-of-the-box and cloud-delivered protection rules simplify the configuration of application control policies and optimise protection against attacks targeting servers.

Some of the Rapid Configs include OS Hardening, Browser Protection, and MS Office Protection. These configurations can be delivered from the cloud, so as Carbon Black receives feedback from customers, it can rapidly develop and deliver. With Rapid Configs, users experience fast time to value while establishing and maintaining the highest form of lockdown security available.

Michael Viscuso, Carbon Black’s co-founder and chief technology officer, said, “Rapid Configs dramatically simplifies configuration for users and eases day-to-day management. Now customers can experience superior protection for data centre servers without the additional effort traditionally associated with application control solutions.”

Cb Protection 8.0 includes a few, additional product enhancements:

Improved protection against non-malware attacks

Enhanced PowerShell and Script Protection: Cb Protection 8.0 features more granular control of policies through command-line arguments. 

Streamlined management at scale

Unified management, rapid rendering and API improvements: Cb Protection 8.0 features a new, modern UI and the ability to manage all servers from a single console, regardless of deployment location. 

Role-based access control: New controls restrict which users can make changes to specific device groups or policy changes to specific servers. 

“Servers are under attack and are among the most breached assets. Traditional defences, such as antivirus, are ineffective at stopping advanced attacks against servers. Cb Protection provides the strongest form of lockdown security for servers with minimal impact to systems," said Viscuso.

Cb Protection empowers security teams to:

Lock down servers: Cb Protection combines application control, file integrity monitoring and memory protection for the strongest form of server lockdown.

Achieve continuous compliance: Cb Protection enables security teams to maintain continuous regulatory compliance with security controls required by regulatory bodies. 

Simplify server administration: Cb Protection simplifies administrative tasks commonly required for servers, including configuration management and emergency patching.

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