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Friday, 12 August 2016 01:36

VIDEO Interview: ForgeRock talks identity, access management, passwordless security and more


ForgeRock chief executive Mike Ellis and Eve Maler, ForgeRock’s vice-president of innovation and emerging technology, talk IoT, passwordless security, user-managed access, identity platforms and more in our video interview.

ForgeRock. Founded in 2010, the company says it "aims to to transform the way organisations approach identity and access management, so they can deliver trusted digital relationships that improve the personalised customer experience and, ultimately, drive greater value and revenue".

A clear example of the company’s success is that it "serves hundreds of brands like Morningstar, Vodafone, GEICO, TomTom, and Pearson, as well as governments like Norway, Canada, and Belgium, among many others".

The company has customers in Australia, too, with Ellis, and Maler in town for a ForgeRock conference with customers and partners.

ForgeRock has its Identity Platform that it says is "the first of its kind to fully implement the User-Managed Access (UMA) standard for creating digital trust and privacy-by-consent – topics that continue to be debated globally, particularly in light of the recent EU-US Privacy Shield decisions".

In addition, the company last month "launched the industry’s first end-to-end open source identity management solution to support passwordless login and frictionless second factor authentication capabilities for continuous security".

ForgeRock also says that it has "transformed identity and access management (IAM) from an internal, employee-centric technology to an external, customer-centric platform, focused on building relationships with any population across any device or Internet of Things (IoT)".

The company says that its "ForgeRock Identity Platform offers the only open, scalable, unified identity relationship management platform in the market that can deliver identity to anyone and anything connected online,’ with its mission being ‘to transform the way organisations approach identity and access management, so they can deliver better customer experiences, strengthen customer relationships, and ultimately, drive greater value and revenue.

ForgeRock says that "where other identity management products offer passwordless login at the beginning of a session, the ForgeRock Identity Platform invokes passwordless, second factor authentication any time during a session should an anomaly occur".

An example given is of your laptop computer switching "from a secure company wifi network to an unsecure network in a coffee shop, [where] re-authentication would be invoked via a required response to a push notification sent to your phone — through a biometric TouchID, a swipe or other action in order to maintain access to an online service".

We are told that "this kind of continuous security without passwords is essential for a frictionless customer experience in any number of business cases – from securing the smart car and smart home applications, to healthcare devices, wearables, mobile banking and industrial IoT situations where ease of use and the highest level of access security are essential".

So, with this bit of background to the company, let’s learn a little more about our interview subjects.

First up is Ellis, who has had "more than 30 years of experience in the software and technology industries".

He has held senior executive roles at SAP, i2 Technologies, Oracle, and Apple, and says that he has "also provided consulting expertise to some of the largest software firms and venture-funded startups to define and drive new growth and execution opportunities".

Then there’s Maler, who not only serves in ForgeRock’s Office of the CTO as vice-president of innovation and emerging technology, but is "a renowned strategist, innovator and communicator on digital identity, access, security, privacy and consent, with particular focus on creating successful interoperable ecosystems and fostering individual empowerment".

Maler "drives innovation for the ForgeRock Identity Platform and directs ForgeRock’s involvement in related industry standards, particularly for federated authorisation, privacy and consent and their impact on the Web and the Internet of Things. To these ends, she founded and chairs the user-managed access (UMA) work group and co-founded and co-chairs the Health Relationship Trust (HEART) work group".

She was formerly with Forrester Research, PayPal and Sun Microsystems; at Sun, she co-invented SAML. Maler also co-invented XML, too, so we’re clearly talking about a seriously talented and dynamic duo who were great to interview and talk to, as you’ll see in the video embedded immediately below, after which I list a summary of the questions.

Here we go!

I started by introducing Ellis and Maler and welcoming them, after which both explained what the company does, and a little of their histories in the world of tech.

We established that they were in Australia not only to engage with customers and employees, but also to host a ForgeRock conference in Australia – the first time it had been held in Australia.

We spoke about ForgeRock’s Identity Platform, the transformation its Identity and Access Manager has had on companies, and the user-managed access standard "creating digital trust and privacy-by-consent".

Then we went onto "greater disclosure": "what privacy should be today" and how companies should best prepare for this.

We looked at digital identities, more on ForgeRock’s recently updated ‘Identity Platform’ and what ‘passwordless’ means.

We also spoke about IoT, best practices for design and architecture, some of the companies that ForgeRock counts as customers and then looked into the future.

Both share the best advice they had received to help them get where they are today, and we ended with their respective final video interview messages for readers, viewers and current and future customers.

And that’s it! Please take a look at the video above for all the answers and more!

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