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Wednesday, 20 July 2016 09:19

Deception – the best offence against cyber attack


We have all heard it hundreds of times – a network breach is inevitable. Relentlessly persistent and patient cyber criminals — aided by leading-edge machine learning and analytics craft socially engineered phishing campaigns or compromise credentials to get into enterprise networks and hold them to ransom.

Enter Israeli-based illusive Networks that has taken an “out of the box” approach called deceptive technology – in essence, attackers think they are in a live corporate system when they are not. Once in the deceptive system, the attacker triggers a tripwire – you immediately know you are being attacked.

Deception technology is an innovative “overlay” approach to cybersecurity that can change the way many organisations work to prevent data breaches, malicious code, and denial-of-service attacks.

Eric Schmidt, Google Chairman, said, “illusive networks is a perfect example of the kind of ‘out of the box’ thinking necessary to challenge the growing threat of targeted attacks.”

Illusive has been working on the ransomware issue and has released a suite of deceptions that detects, alerts and neutralises ransomware in real-time. Its advanced ransomware guard is the only solution that deploys ransomware-specific deceptions across the entire network, endpoints, and servers and neutralises ransomware activity at the source host.

The new family of deceptions can detect the specific action of attempted encryption, deletion or removal of assets and neutralisation is triggered immediately and automatically.

illusive networks chief executive Shlomo Touboul, said, “Ransomware requires a dedicated solution. Unlike other malware types, ransomware immediately takes sensitive information hostage, and ransom demand timelines are tight, so proactive, and accurate detection and response are imperative. The market’s initial responses have yielded solutions based on behavioural analytics and machine learning — which generate an extremely high rate of false positives or honeypots, which have a high level of false negatives. Both are low-fidelity detection and fall short when it comes to ransomware.”

As soon as ransomware attempts to gain a foothold in a network or move laterally toward strategic assets, illusive’s high-fidelity detection and advanced ransomware guard automatically block the ransomware operation on the source hosts, alerts defenders and diverts it to encrypt phony targets.

“Current ransomware is relatively simple and opportunistic. We anticipate a future where a new generation of advanced ransomware threats, which we refer to as ARTs, are carried out by the most advanced attackers. Such ARTs will start with lateral movement and APT techniques to reach and encrypt the most critical and precious digital assets allowing the attacker to claim the highest ransom fees. Our new family of deceptions takes into account the evolution we expect to see in ARTs and to keep our customers protected,” Touboul added.

Key Benefits:

  • Blocks ransomware before it manages to encrypt files.
  • Zero disruption to business operations.
  • No false positives.
  • Protects against zero-hour ransomware, without relying on signatures.
  • Real-time forensics of the ransomware source.
  • Ready for next generation ransomware – ART.

Advanced ransomware guard is the latest enhancement to illusive’s award-winning deceptions everywhere technology.


Australia is a cyber espionage hot spot.

As we automate, script and move to the cloud, more and more businesses are reliant on infrastructure that has high potential to be exposed to risk.

It only takes one awry email to expose an accounts payable process, and for cyber attackers to cost a business thousands of dollars.

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