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Just because sounds like an authentic Microsoft subdomain, that doesn't mean it is safe to visit.
Microsoft has told customers to expect three critical updates to Windows this month. One will fix a flaw that's being actively exploited, especially through Asian…
Friday, 10 July 2009 02:50

Korean cyberattacks continue

According to a South Korean government official, cyberattackers have renewed their assault on seven websites in that country, including one that belongs to the government.
There was significant growth in Web threat traffic in June with increased volumes of malware, and an online gaming Trojan the most active bit of…
Social Networking seems to be anathema to many organisations, but should it be?
Wednesday, 08 July 2009 10:04

Increased threat from short URLs: Report

There’s been a huge rise in the use of shortened URLs by spammers which poses a greater security threat to Internet users, including those accessing…
The Australian Computer Society has warned that cyber crime poses a major threat to the progress of Australia’s digital economy, as it calls on the…
A staggering one billion malicious emails orginate from Australia every day of the week as spammers push out their emails to Internet users, enticing them…
It just goes to show that if you have the right model, your business will shine even in these tough times.
Drive-by download malware is still the most often downloaded nasty by Internet users, with vulnerabilities in Adobe and Microsoft products often the stalking horse of…




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