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Yahoo! Mail is the source of almost nine out of ten spams coming from web mail services, a security provider has claimed.
Storm's place as the leading spam generator has been taken by Mega-D, a botnet currently being used to peddle 'male enhancement' pills.
Microsoft has confirmed the existence of a Windows vulnerability recently disclosed by New Zealand software engineer Beau Butler.
Sunday, 02 December 2007 17:08

World on the brink global cyber warfare?

The latest annual security report from McAfee has singled out China as a particularly virulent source of international cyber espionage, with a number of Western…
Wednesday, 07 November 2007 04:58

Spam levels reach 96 percent

Global email security and archive service provider, SoftScan, says that in October the percentage of email that was blocked by its servers reached an all-time…
Spammers have found a way of forming Google search queries that link directly to their sites, according to Symantec's security response team.
Friday, 19 October 2007 02:34

PayPal, eBay phish attempts down?

Security vendor Sophos says there's been a "dramatic reduction" in the proportion of phishing emails aimed at PayPal and eBay customers, but I'm not completely…
Quantum encryption will be used to protect the security and integrity of the Swiss national election on October 21.
The new real-time anti-phishing feature of Blue Coat ProxySG appliance is an industry first, the company claims.
According to network security company, Marshal, spammers have found a way to hijack YouTube's mail servers and send out messages that look for all the…



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