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Symantec has released a new program which it says will comprehensively capture and identify security intelligence and improve overall security posture on users' websites.
Contracts have been signed to roll out 'smart' electricity meters to most Victorian households.  It's amusing that there is a Black Hat demonstration of how…
Rather than wait for August's Patch Tuesday, Microsoft has rushed out a pair of security bulletins ahead of the Black Hat and Defcon security conferences.
More than half a million credit cards could have been compromised after unauthorised code was discovered on major merchant website host servers.
Microsoft is preparing an out-of-cycle security update for release tomorrow, July 28 (US time).
A critical vulnerability has been discovered in Adobe Reader, Acrobat and Flash Player. The vulnerability is being actively exploited against Reader 9 on Windows.
- sponsored editorial - Australian independent software testing and training organisation, Planit, has expanded its operations to New Zealand. The company recently opened an office…
Web and email security company, Marshal8e6 has launched what it claims is the first customisable hosted email security service in the Asia Pacific in a…
Monday, 20 July 2009 02:45

HP Darknet destroys Black Hat elephant

Could HP have come up with a Darknet for the great unwashed at last? All will be revealed at Black Hat in Las Vegas.
Sunday, 19 July 2009 13:20

Trend says security for virtual machines

Virtual machines get new security protection with Trend Micro expanding its overall virtualisation security portfolio with the introduction of a content security solution to protect…

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