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Astronauts aboard Space Shuttle Discovery—Space Transportation System-116 (STS-16) mission—are working to fix a troublesome solar array that was first installed onto the International Space Station…
Discovery will dip into emergency fuel reserves to avoid skipping a heat shield inspection after NASA approved extra space walk to fix a faulty solar…
NASA has extended today's space walk by astronauts working on the International Space Station to try to avoid skipping a safety check of Discovery's heat…
Discovery astronauts may skip inspecting the shuttle's heat shield to create time for an extra space walk on Monday to repair a stubborn solar panel…
Friday, 15 December 2006 11:19

Tag the killer asteroid and win $50,000

Scientists are offering a $US50,000 reward to anyone who can tag and track a doomsday asteroid possibly on a collision course with Earth.
It’s always amazing to see studies that prove what we already know. The latest laughingly informs us that laughter truly is contagious! LOL :-)
China’s own freshwater dolphin, the ‘baiji’, is reported to be ‘functionally extinct’ thanks to pollution in the Yangtze river, with a recent search to save…
A fourth space walk maybe be required after astronauts overhauling the International Space Station's electrical systems abandoned attempts to retract an ageing solar panel.
Wednesday, 13 December 2006 04:14

Shuttle damage fears allayed as space walk begins

After initial fears the Space Shuttle Discovery had been damaged by space junk or a micrometeoroid, NASA engineers have advised the crew does not need to…
A new scientific research report predicts that the frozen sea areas in the Arctic circle will be completely gone by the summer 2040 due to…




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