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The Space Shuttle Discovery and its seven astronauts have landed safety at Florida's Kennedy Space Centre after NASA skipped two landing opportunities due to bad…
The Space Shuttle Discovery has begun its descent, performing the deorbit burn to bring it into land at Florida's Kennedy Space Center at 5.32pm.  
Saturday, 23 December 2006 01:32

NASA aborts Discovery's first landing attempt

The Space Shuttle Discovery has scrubbed its first landing attempt due to bad weather at Florida's Kennedy Space Center.  
Flight controllers at the NASA Mission Control Center in Houston, Texas, have announced that mysterious red “blips” have been recently observed and NASA and contractor personnel at…
Friday, 22 December 2006 03:57

NASA clears Discovery heat shield for landing

NASA engineers have cleared Space Shuttle Discovery for re-entry, with three landing sites to be prepared as the shuttle runs on emergency fuel.  
NASA is pondering the landing of the STS-116 crew aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery. Specifically, officials are deciding whether to land the shuttle at the…
Thursday, 21 December 2006 04:39

Discovery completes heat shield inspection

NASA engineers are examining close-up video of the space shuttle Discovery's exterior, checking for damage before clearing the ship for re-entry on Friday.
A "hybrid gamma-ray burst" detected earlier this year, not caused by a supernova, is believed to be the birth of a new type of black…
Wednesday, 20 December 2006 23:19

Hubble is Not the Only Telescope in Space

Hubble is not the only telescope in space We hear much news about the Hubble Space Telescope and, sometimes, it seems that it is the…
The Space Shuttle Discovery has undocked from the newly overhauled International Space Station and is preparing for a final heat shield inspection before returning to…



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