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On Russian state television, cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin tells journalists in a live video interview from the ISS that “Charles said that Bill Gates is also…
Wednesday, 11 April 2007 12:31

Shuttle flight delayed until June

June 8 is now the target launch date for space shuttle Atlantis' next flight to the International Space Station.
Lowell Observatory astronomer states he has found water vapor in the atmosphere of a large gaseous planet. This discovery is the FIRST TIME that water has…
Wednesday, 11 April 2007 07:13

DON'T throw those old pills down the toilet!

In the past, the medical community recommended that expired or unused pills should be flushed down the toilet. However, new evidence finds that waterborne pharmaceuticals…
Wednesday, 11 April 2007 04:55

Plant a tree and warm the planet

There are many in the scientific community who believe that the solution to our planet's global warming problem is to plant more trees. However, according…
On April 12 the crewmembers aboard the International Space Station will observe a holiday celebrated in Russia to commemorate and honor the first manned earth…
If global warming is true, then scientists have shown that changes in circulation and density will cause the Earth to spin just a tiny bit…
Tuesday, 10 April 2007 12:46

Simonyi boards space station

Charles Simonyi, the latest space tourist, is now aboard the International Space Station after a two-day trip from Russia's Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.
GLObal Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) is a radio-based satellite navigation system first developed by the former Soviet Union that Russia now hopes will compete directly…
The Russian spacecraft Soyuz TMA-10 is scheduled to dock at the International Space Station at about 3:12 p.m. Monday, April 9, 2007, carrying U.S. billionaire…




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