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Adults text and drive just as much as teens

  • 20 June 2010
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A new survey called the Internet & American Life Project, by the Pew Research Center, found that U.S. adults send or read text messages while driving just as much as do teenagers. Actually, 1% more adults text and drive than do teens--27% versus 26%.


The Pew Research Center article Adults and cell phone distractions states that 'Adults are just as likely as teens to have texted while driving and are substantially more likely to have talked on the phone while driving.'

In addition, the study found that 17% of cell-owning adult pedestrians have gotten so engrossed while talking on a cell phone or while texting that they have actually 'physically bumped into another person or an object.' For the entire U.S. adult population, that percentage is 14%.

The Pew study looked at 2,252 U.S. adults, with 744 of them being interviewed on cell phones between April 29, 2010 and May 30, 2010.

Of this total number, 1,917 owned cell phones and 1,189 used text messaging.

The Pew study also looked at 800 teenagers (12-17 years of age), along with a parent or guardian, with respect to their driving habits with cell phones.

The survey was conducted by Princeton Survey Research International, between June 26, 2009 and September 24, 2009.

Page two details some of the major conclusions of the Pew Research Center study.



Some of the major conclusions of the Pew study are:

'¢    49% of U.S. adults have been passengers in a car in which the driver was sending or reading text messages on their cell phones, while 48% of teens (12-17 years of age) have been in a car in which the drive had sent or read text messages.

'¢    44% of U.S. adults have been a passenger or driver in a car in which the use of a cell phone has put themselves or others in danger, while 40% of teens have been in similar dangerous circumstances.

'¢    47% of all texting adults in the United States say they have sent or read a text message while driving, while 34% of texting teens (16-17 years of age) have texted while driving.

'¢    27% of all U.S. adults say they have sent or read text messages while driving, while 26% of all teenagers (16-17 years of age) have reported texting while driving.

'¢    75% of U.S. adults with cell phones state they have talked on a cell phone while driving, while 52% of teens with cell phones (16-17 years of age) reported talking on a cell phone while driving.

'¢    61% of all U.S. adults have talked on a cell phone while driving, while 43% of all teens (16-17 years of age) have talked on their cell phones while driving.

Page three concludes with information from PC World magazine.



According to the June 19, 2010 PC World article Texting While Driving More Common Among Adults Than Teens, 'A study from last year by the Virginia Tech Transportation Unit revealed that those who text while driving are 23 times more likely to have a crash than non-distracted drivers.'

And, 'It also found that activities that took a driver's eyes off the roadway, like dialing a phone or reading or sending a text, was much more likely to cause a crash than just talking on a cell phone.'

The PC World article adds, 'Currently, 28 states and Washington D.C. ban texting while driving. Seven states and D.C. also ban cell phone use while driving. Even President Obama has gotten into the act, telling federal employees not to text and drive while in government vehicles.'





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