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Apples that don't brown when eaten: Enchanting!

  • 04 May 2008
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Researchers from Western Australia have combined the Golden Delicious apple and the Lady Williams apple to produce the Western Dawn apple, what will be trademarked as the “Enchanted” apple. What is really amazing is it doesn’t turn brown while you eat it.

The new apple variety was developed by the Australian National Apple Breeding Programme, which is a part of Western Australia’s Department of Agriculture and Food (DAFWA).

Agriculture and Food Minister Kim Chance, who is a member of the Parliament of Western Australia (under the Australian Labor Party), stated on April 29, 2008, "This exciting new variety has pure white flesh that naturally stays very white, even after several hours of exposure to air, unlike other apples which brown readily.” [Australian Labor Party: “Minister launches Enchanted TM apple that doesn't brown”]

The project was financially funded by the state of Western Australia, along with the Australian federal government and Horticulture Australia Limited, a national research, development, and marketing organization.

It is being grown in Manjimup, in the southwestern part of Western Australia. The Enchanted apple matures late in the apple season (last part of April in WA).

The new Enchanted apple appears with a bright pink, nearly red, skin (which is thin when compared to other varieties); pure white flesh; oblong shape; and medium size.

The apple is described as having eating qualities similar to the Golden Delicious but with a more tart and crisp taste similar to the Cripps Pink (Pink Lady).

Considered a firm and fine textured eating apple, its main feature, however, will be the fact that it does not brown when eaten, a process that is called oxidation.

What is oxidation in apples and why does it occur? Why is it important to delay oxidation? Please read on.

Oxidation in apples is a chemical action that causes apples to turn brown.

It is caused when iron inside cells of the apple react with oxygen in the air. The process usually means that browning occurs as soon as the apple it bitten into or cut with a knife.

However, the Enchanted apple has been developed so that oxidation does not occur immediately but it instead delayed for a long period of time. Such a feature will make it very popular to consumers.

Agriculture and Food Minister Kim Chance adds, "The resistance of EnchantedTM to oxidation makes it much more useful and attractive for industry, offering better value-adding possibilities and the opportunity to develop new products using fewer preservatives to expand the apple range…. It is also likely also to be very popular as a fresh apple for platters and lunchboxes, and for fresh juicing, where it retains an attractive pink blush and fresh light flavour." [ALP]

The marketing company Perfection Fresh, which is based out of Syndey, will have exclusive rights to market the Enchanted apple. Perfection Fresh is a well known marketer of fresh fruits and vegetables in Australia.

Learn more about the Enchanted apple from the Perfection Fresh website: http://www.perfection.com.au/.

Small numbers of the apple will be available in Western Australia in early May 2008. It will be distributed through fruit stands provided by Perfection Fresh at Perth’s Canning Vale Markets.

Eventually the company will market and distribute the apple throughout Australia and, finally, throughout the world.

The natural non-browning characteristic of the Enchanted apple will make it unique from the many different varieties of apples found throughout the world.


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