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Researchers at the Harvard Medical School are looking into implanting electrodes within the brain to restore eyesight. Forget about having “Bette Davis eyes” (sung by…
Recent U.S. research studies, independent of one another, have found that pistachio nuts, coffee, and green tea can be very beneficial to your health.
Saturday, 28 April 2007 20:22

WHO tells WHAT can kill you at work!

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) thousands of workers are dying each year from cancer related to WHAT? The answer is asbestos, tobacco smoke,…
Obesity is widely spreading across the United States and it’s a big problem. Congresspersons wanted to do something positive about helping kids eat better in…
Researchers at IBM's Almaden Research Center have demonstrated 2D magnetic resonance imaging of nanoscale objects as small as 90nm.
With the recent tragedy at Virginia Tech, here is general background on the university and the city it is located in.
A research study analyzed chemicals commonly found in cell phones and found that the amount of lead, alone, in the phones make them classified as…
Friday, 13 April 2007 19:20

Severely obese people hop on the RANDwagon

People who are over 100 pounds (46 kilograms) their normal weight, severely obese, are medically considered the fastest-growing group of overweight people in the United…
Thursday, 12 April 2007 23:12

Quit smoking with juice, cheese, and broccoli

Researchers have found that some foods make cigarettes taste better, while others diminish the appeal of tobacco. The results, funded by the National Institute on…
Wednesday, 11 April 2007 07:13

DON'T throw those old pills down the toilet!

In the past, the medical community recommended that expired or unused pills should be flushed down the toilet. However, new evidence finds that waterborne pharmaceuticals…



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