Evergen brings CSIRO-developed smart home energy system to market

Renewable energy start-up Evergen has launched an intelligent home energy management system with the technical backing of the CSIRO, which continuously analyses and optimises home energy use.

Ford to design automated vehicle for rideshare industry

Ford has flagged it will produce a fully autonomous vehicle designed for ride sharing. It should be on U.S. roads by 2021. Autonomous vehicles are part of Ford Smart Mobility - its plan to be a leader in the field as well as in connectivity, mobility, customer experience, and data and analytics.

Wind now Australia’s ‘cheapest energy’ source, claims alliance

The Australian Wind Alliance is hailing a deal between South Australia’s Hornsdale Wind Farm and the ACT government for making wind power the country’s “cheapest new electricity source”.

Curtin Uni student builds ‘folding’ robots as intern with NASA

A Curtin University mechatronics student has successfully completed a six-month research internship with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in California, learning to build disposable folding robots which may be deployed on future planetary missions.

Strong winds buffeting government’s renewable energy policy

The Australian government has been criticised and warned that cutting innovation funding for renewable energy is economic and environmental “madness”.

VIDEO Interview: ASX liftoff hastens Sky and Space Global’s nano satellite dream

James Bond mixes satellites and sex, but Sky and Space Global will encircle the Earth’s equator using 200 nanosats with the help of Virgin Galactic.

‘Intelligent’ solar batteries to power Adelaide homes

Energy company AGL is building a “virtual” power plant in metropolitan Adelaide using what is says are “intelligent” solar batteries installed on 1000 homes.

Radient to ‘recycle wasted RF waves’ to recharge your battery

Imagine if your smartphone or tablet battery was smart enough to recharge itself using power from the radio waves it generates to go online. Radient says it can be done!

Aussie company developing ‘landmark’ drug as potential treatment for Alzheimer’s

Australian company Actinogen Medical is developing a new drug — Xanamem that blocks the excess production of stress hormone cortisol in Alzheimer’s sufferers, offering a potential treatment for the disease.

Facebook Aquila – connecting billions of people

Facebook has successfully completed its first full-scale flight of Aquila – a solar-powered, unmanned aircraft that can beam high-speed Internet connectivity from 60,000 feet. In Latin, Aquila means eagle.

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