ZCell approved for Selectronic Inverters

Redflow,  Australian developers, and makers of the ZCell battery, has completed compatibility testing with Melbourne-based inverter manufacturer Selectronic Australia. 

EnergyAustralia invests $9.3 million in Redback Technologies

Redback Technologies has announced an $9.3 million investment by leading energy retailer EnergyAustralia, establishing a partnership aimed at developing new technology to help Australians take control of their energy consumption. 

Aussie technology developed for ‘world’s largest’ single-dish radio telescope

The world’s largest filled single-dish radio telescope has been launched in Western Australia, incorporating an innovative data system developed at the International Centre for Radio Astronomy (ICRAR) in Perth and the European Southern Observatory, to manage the huge amounts of data that will be generated by the telescope.

Inmarsat searches for next generation of ‘space pioneers’

UK-based mobile satellite communications company Inmarsat is on the lookout for new “talent” to take up a career in the rapidly expanding space industry with the launch of its 3rd Technology Development Programme at New Scientist Live in London.

VIDEO: CSIRO’s six big plans for its future

Australia’s CSIRO says it will "grow its investment in new areas of breakthrough science to over $52 million per year by 2020, helping to turn Australia's challenges into opportunities and invent a better future".

Connected cars to drive 98% of all M2M traffic

Data-intensive applications such as Internet radio, music streaming applications, and information services will generate approximately 6000 petabytes per annum by 2021, equivalent to more than 300 billion hours of music streaming.

First clean energy seed fund launched with ambitious 10-year investment plan

Australia's first Clean Energy Seed Fund, with an initial $20 million in its coffers, has been launched to find and invest in emerging start-up ideas that for developing clean energy solutions.

Telehealth nurse shows patient how to use home monitoring system

Australia’s first large-scale trial of telehealth has shown that the healthcare system could save up to $3 billion a year, according to the CSIRO which trialled telehealth systems with 287 patients over a 12-month period.

Ford SYNC 3 makes it easier to stay connected

Ford has invested $2 billion in research and development over the past six years to launch and upgrade a record number of products, including the rapid rollout of SYNC 3.

Singapore launches world's first driverless taxi

Many countries and companies have been talking about driverless cars for a while, but tiny Singapore has stolen a march on the rest and announced that a driverless taxi has begun a public trial in a limited area of the city state.

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