Solar panel take-up rising due to power prices: GetUp!

More than 100 megawatts of rooftop solar capacity was installed across Australia in October, according to the Renewable Energy Index issued by Green Energy Markets.

Solar, energy bodies merge into new smart energy council

The Australian Solar Council and the Energy Storage Council have combined to form the Smart Energy Council, a new peak industry body for the solar, storage and smart energy industries.

Lack of planning, investment will continue to drive up electricity costs: report

With energy storage and a reliable, sustainable supply of power — and government energy policies — a hot topic in Australia, a group of Australian academics has warned that without proper planning and investment in energy storage, electricity costs in Australia will continue to rise and electricity supply will become less reliable.

Step over, Tesla. Team Arrow, an Australian non-profit, high-tech, renewable energy think-tank, is bringing its solar-powered race car to the streets.

Government launches ‘world-first’ satellite positioning trial

The Australian Government has launched a GeoScience-led trial of what is claimed as “world-first” satellite positioning technology.

$11.4m in grants to fund research at University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide has secured a federal government grant of $387,884 — part of total funding of $11.4 million — for resarch using machine learning techniques to find the earliest signs of disease that are difficult to detect visually from a CT scan.

Pharmacists, Digital Health Agency partner on My Health Record initiative

The peak national body representing pharmacists, the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, is partnering with the Australian Digital Health Agency in a move designed to help increase the number of pharmacists using My Health Record – a digital system that enables healthcare providers to share secure health data and improve the safety and quality of patient care.

ANU researchers get $10m to support study into earlier disease detection

A research project aimed at helping clinicians detect diseases in people much earlier than is currently possible, and better manage their conditions, is to receive up to $10 million as the inaugural winner of The Australian National University Grand Challenge Scheme.

Dutch institute says battery with 50% more energy closer

The biggest energy research in the Netherlands says it has developed new technology that increases the storage capacity of rechargeable batteries by 50%.

Queensland family uses batteries to go off-grid

A family in Queensland has used six ZCell batteries to take their home off the grid, the biggest deployment of the batteries to date.

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