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Put it on the slate mate

Ever left a credit card behind at a restaurant or pub? A new Aussie smartphone app called Clipp solves that.

Clipp  is the brainchild of co-founders Greg Taylor (of the eCoffeeCard fame) and Stuart Hunter (who is also CTO). You can read Stephen Withers iTWire article here for a good overview – what it means to a user.

What I wanted to do is look at the app payment world and whether this has the potential to be a game changer – let me say that I think it does.

We all hate leaving a credit card at the bar – partially out of paranoia that it may be copied and lead to huge bills (and while most pubs, clubs, restaurants etc., are reputable sometimes the honour of an employee is less so) but partly because of an ingrained fear that “after a few” you will walk out and forget it was there.

Clipp solves that and adds a level of spending control, a level of responsibility (you can view a detailed list of drinks consumed at any time) and because it uses photo ID identification it could just save your card from being improperly used. And you can walk out without waiting at the bar to pay – convenient.

Stuart would be happy if every pub in the country adopted Clipp and frankly it is so easy to do that I suspect he will have to employ a few more sales people to cope.

Clipp is now integrated with five of the most commonly used pub Point of Sale (POS) software platforms – H&L Australia, Idealpos, Finchcorp, BePoz, Vectron and Jensen data Systems.

For a pub to use Clipp it just requires pain free activation of the feature and some back of house payment gateway changes (that Clipp do). It is funded mainly by Clipp being the credit card gateway and the money ends up in the pub’s bank exactly as it does anyway. Stuart is convinced that as Clipp grows its gateway rates will be less than any standalone pub could negotiate – aggregation is good.

Clipp also satisfies the new PCI (Payment Card Industry) security standards that technically make it illegal to hold a credit card behind the bar (more bureaucracy) as well as gaining pre-approval for the level of spend (no more rejected cards) and importantly establishing the legitimacy of the person using the card. Having been involved in PCI DSS issues before I can tell you that any solution to help comply is a blessing.

Clipp also has a loyalty program (that they fund – not the pub) that encourages users to use Clipp joints…

The future of this system should be ubiquitous – clubs, hotels, restaurants, anywhere you run a tab.

In the meantime Clipp are also working hard to make it so with the app being ported to BlackBerry (who hosted drinks to show the efficacy of this app – Thanks BB), iOS, Android and Windows Phone so they have it pretty well covered.


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