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Is a 29” monitor too big? No way!

Acer’s new 29” LED/LCD/IPS monitor is a big beast yet at 70cm wide (including the super slim bezel) yet it takes up a lot less desk space than two 24” monitors (each 57cm wide). It displays three A4 pages side by side at actual size.

The resolution is 2560x1080 – take care, not all PCs or notebooks will drive this. It has inputs for Display Port, two x HDMI, and DVI – forget the old 15 pin VGA. It has a four port USB 3.0 hub and 3.5mm sound input as well. It has typical monitor speakers.

It also has a Display Port output so you can daisy chain two monitors as well.

The viewing aspect is 21:9 – not the traditional 16:9 so it is a wider screen without a height penalty.

The stand is an engineering feat and allows for swivelling, height adjustment, and pivoting e.g. a very tall portrait mode. The web site is here.


29” monitors will replace 27” once they replace 24” and so on. How big can you go without being too big?

The answer is that provided your images/work fit well on a wider screen then screens can probably go a few inches more. It uses a 21:9 ratio because if it were to be a typical 16:9 ratio it would be more than 100mm taller – that is a lot of glass on a desk to take in.

LG, Asus, Dell, AOC, et al have 29” IPS versions and I would not be surprised if all panels come from the same foundry. For my money, the Acer is well made, well-specified, well supported, and a best buy.

BenQ have a 32”, 16:9, 2560 x 1440, A$799 monster that is finding a home in CAD/Drawing applications.


This is a monitor more suited to business, library, and laboratory use yet I can see great scope in replacing twin monitors in the home study (as I have grown used to and cannot work without).

I can also see it used for signage and displays – its 100,000:1 contrast ratio, 21:9 ratio, and 178-degree viewing angle makes it ideal for these purposes.

Acer tends to sell via computer dealers at RRP A$699 but you can bag a bargain if you are prepared to shop around.

It’s an 9 out of 10 – in the right environment.


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