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Razer Goliathus Street Fighter Special Edition – Mouse mat

If ever you had told me I would be reviewing a mouse mat I would have said you were barmy. “Mat, for the purposes of sliding a mouse over – sir!” – or maybe to mention that it stops wearing the lacquer off the desk.

Turns out, there is more to it.

Razer, a company that I have written about before, makes gaming stuff like the worlds thinnest gaming laptop, or headsets that glow in the dark, or mice with so many buttons you need a licence to use one. Then there is its naming convention's – Razer Blade, Chimaera, Banshee, BlackShark, Star Wars … I think you get the picture that this company is run by people who have never grown up -  ‘gamers’ who play all day.

Back to the mat …

Apparently, Capcom’s Street Fighter is a series of fighting games that first emerged in 1987 and like all good games has sequels – up to IV – plus a movie, comic books, card games, and merchandise that keep has kept it alive for 26 years. Fans are anxiously awaiting ‘V’ in 2019 … (Rambo has nothing on this franchise!).

Mats apparently have specifications apart from round, square, rubber, fabric …

  • Advanced slick taut cloth weave for unbridled speed and effortless control
  • Pixel-precise targeting and tracking
  • Anti-fraying stitched frame eliminates rough edges and long-term wear
  • Highly portable cloth-based design
  • Anti-slip rubber base
  • Optimised for all sensitivity settings and sensors - low sense, high sense, laser, optical or dual sensor system – whatever sensitivity setting or preferred gaming mouse, the Razer Goliathus offers total tracking responsiveness for consistently reliable in-game control
  • Available in four different sizes: small, medium, large, extended. Approximate product dimensions: Medium 355mm (W) 254mm (L) 3mm (H)

According to Pro-Gamer George Georgallidis “I have used my Razer Goliathus for a long time. It has endured incredibly well, staying remarkably clean and suffered no loss in tracking or performance since I first got it. The best gear is the kind of gear you don’t notice; comfortable with no problems.”

Price is AU$29.95

Sequel – Remember the 1995 movie that supported Street Fighter II - it had Raul Julia as the mad general, Jean-Claude Van Damme as the mad Colonel and Kylie Minogue as the mad Lieutenant love interest. Filmed in my old home town of Brisbane and on the Gold Coast although it was ostensibly set in the steamy jungles somewhere in Asia.

Unlike the game and this mouse mat it got an IMDb rating 3.5/10 and I think the singing budgie a.k.a. Kylie would prefer to forget that career speed hump with ‘the muscles from Brussels’.

I cannot believe I wrote 467 words about a rodent mat and other things related. Where is our gaming expert when you need him?



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