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LG’s very, very, very wide monitor – 29” of viewing pleasure

If desk space is tight and you want maximum screen real estate the LG 29EA93 may be what you need.

I was delayed in doing this review because my ageing notebook could not drive the 2560x1080 resolution required. LG recommend that Intel HD 3000 (basically most Core Processors), AMD HD 54/64/77xx or Nvidia GeForce 300 (or later) will drive this resolution but you will also need to use Display Port, DVI-D or HDMI (not D-Sub) or adaptor cables to connect. Mac’s will need a mini display port to DVI or HDMI adaptor.

It has many features that I found interesting.

Screen Split

Under Windows 7 or 8 (not Mac or Linux) software can be used to support a split screen. The split supports two, three or four screens in 8 different combinations. I tended to use either the two or three side by side as I found the 300mm depth just a little shallow to stack them horizontally (as pictured).



Dual link up

It can take two different inputs and display them side by side – so imagine your phone on one screen using an MHL to HDMI cable and a computer driven by the Display port (this feature requires the use of two different input ports). The LG Optimus G phone I used gave a full screen image in horizontal mode.


The twin seven watt stereo speakers handled reasonable volume. Wide-screen 16:9 movies had black edges but you can play around with stretching or just use the split window function.

Technical details

Panel: 29”/74cm diagonal (about 30cm high), 2560x1080, 21:9, IPS, 178 degree, LED screen
Brightness: 300 cd/m2
5ms GtG
USB3.0: 1 up and three down
DVI_D, DISPLAY Port, 2 x HDMI (one supports MHL)
48 watts and 1.2W energy saver

Who would buy this?

Me for starters - but serious spreadsheet aficionados and "work processors" will love it - 21:9 is simply great to work on.

At present I use two 22” monitors side by side giving me 960cm width which comfortably displays four x A4 pages at 100% (each page is 210mm wide plus boarders). I am a “work processor” and need email, Word, Internet Explorer and Skype or other notification software open at once. I also use very large spreadsheets.

The LG gave me 690mm in usable width or three A4 pages at 100% (three screen mode) - but it was easy to simply reduce the four A4 pages to 80% – ultimately workable.

I don’t think it’s a gaming monitor but that is not my forte.

A really technical review is at  and note that issues in the “pre-production” have since been addressed.

RRP is $749 but it is available on-line at HN for $688.


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