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Magellan says “On yer bike” - in a nice way

On one of the hottest days yet in spring, about 40 IT, cycling and lifestyle journalists sought shelter at the salubrious Park Hyatt hotel at the Sydney Rocks to view Magellan’s new offerings.

Greeted by profusely perspiring, professional, physically perfect, sports-persons - pluckily pedalling, and pumping, on mountain and promenade pushbikes – we pondered if this was yet another pure PR production.

OK back to reality. Athletes sweating on bikes showed us the new Magellan cycling computer, cum GPS, cum route and workout planner, cum cycle safety device, the Cyclo 500 series.

First a little background. Magellan is a MiTAC company, a sibling to Navman, well known for ruggedised outdoor GPS products. Over the past 12 months the relationship with Navman and its map supplier Nokia HERE has made the new Cyclo a very user friendly, very useful, bike accessory – far more so that any predecessor. One look at the current Cyclo 100 interface versus the Cyclo 500 shows a very different approach.


Image above - new Navman and Nokia HERE style and functions on left and old style on right

Nokia HERE maps now power Cyclo. In an Australian first, it comes preloaded with bike specific tracks, bike centric turn-by-turn navigation, and points of interest information such as bicycle repair shops. Data is collected from reliable sources including Bicycling Australia to show bike-friendly routes, transitioning seamlessly from streets with bike paths to independent bike paths or even bike-friendly off road bike paths.

A nice feature is the ‘Surprise Me’ option that suggests routes based on time, distance, or difficulty – always a problem with pondering pedallers.

Cylco comprises a three-inch, colour screen; water-resistant body; toughened glass touch screen; and a 12-hour rechargeable battery. It can measure all aspects of performance: calories; speed; distance; laps; time; heart rate and cadence (Cyclo 505 and Cyclo 505HC).

The Cyclo 505 and 505HC can use most ANT+ compatible devices including heart rate monitor, cadence sensor or power meter. Bluetooth 4.0 Smart can link other devices like smartphones.

It has built-in WiFi to upload data and saved routes to a Magellan Cyclo account or for seamless and automatic sharing with other sites including Strava, TrainingPeaks and Facebook.

For cycling groupies a Shake and Share features allows one Cylco to populate others.

The new Cylco will be available from November.

  • Cyclo 500   $379
  • Cyclo 505   $399
  • Cyclo 505HC   $479 (includes HR monitor, cadence/speed sensor kit)


As a prior pushy pedaller, I always wanted a GPS and speed-measuring device. This is it. Every cyclist - mountain biker, off road, road warrior, recreational for fun or fitness, daily commuter and family looking for an easy and safe ride on the weekend - should covet this.


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