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Dead Rising 3 survival guide

Ok Fresh Meat, so you have your shiny new Xbox One, but do you have the street smarts to survive this latest outbreak that will be known as Dead Rising 3?

All hell has broken loose out there buddy, the streets are awash with the undead and the clock is ticking.  We have learned that the army plans to nuke the entire quarantine zone, including me, you and our fellow non-zombified survivor buddies.

It’s time to act, time to take the fight to the zombies, time to survive.  To do this you will need to learn fast, search around the town, find blueprints, these will enable you to use all the junk laying around to build new and destructive weapons.

You can build weapons from just about any combination of everyday objects as well as some conveniently located not-so-everyday objects.  Soon you will be firing ‘massagers’ from leaf blowers, adding a circular saw to a sledgehammer and many more zombie destroying combos.

Then there are the vehicles, jump inside cars, motorbikes, trucks and road fixing equipment and start mowing down those Z’s.  Sure a few will cling onto the side, but swerving will take care of them.  Find some special vehicle combo blueprints and the fun really starts.

My favourite is the RollerHawg, a steam roller and motorbike combo that can mow down the undead with great ease – those firethrowers on the front sure help; unfortunately you will need to steal the blueprint for building it from those crazy biker maniacs on the north side of the city.


You have free reign across the city, within the quarantine zone that is, together we can get these good people out of this nightmare.  But there are other survivors out there that will need your help, you will need to decide, they can only last so long, and once they are gone that’s it.  

Many of these folks will simply need you to go get things for them, many will want a ride somewhere, and some will help you out, be by your side for as long as you can keep them healthy.  Just watch out, some people are better suited to zombie fights than others.

Then there are the Psychos out there, they are too far gone, too muddled in the head to be anything other than a hindrance.   It’s up to you whether you want to take them on, they will be tough, but the rewards of stash and experience will be great.

Experience? Yes, you will need this, how else do you expect to learn all those survival skills needed to get us out of this hell-hole?  Learn how to better construct weapons, vehicles and food combos, learn to fight better and generally improve your physique.  The more you explore, build and kill, the better person you will become, we all know that.

Overall, looking at the silver lining, this is going to be great fun.  It takes a long time for mowing down hoards of zombies to get old.  Beware however; some are tougher than others, those ex-firemen, ex-football players, strangely grotesque mutant zombies and others that are more of a challenge than your average moaning Z.  And some are extremely fast.

That Xbox One Kinect thingy will allow you to shout at the zombies, lure them into traps, that is fun, but don’t spend too much time dilly-dallying.  We have a job to do here, people are depending on us, there is some tedious work to complete to get this thing done, but just between you and I, there is no real harm having a good time along the way.

Stay bite free, stay safe.


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