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Guardians of the Galaxy – Volume 2 (review)

It is not often I award a movie 11 out of 10 nor does the audience stand and clap at the end. If expansive, funny, brilliant space opera is your thing, buy tickets now.

I really enjoyed Guardian of the Galaxy (GOTG) Volume 1 when it was released in 2014. It was a new, fun, and refreshing take on epic space adventures – zany, colourful, down to earth (pun intended) and it did not take itself too seriously.

Before you decide to see GOTG 2 rent/buy GOTG 1 as you will need to know the backstory to get the most from GOTG 2. In brief, hero Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) is the product of a union between his mum Meredith Quill and a mysterious father “who is not from here.” The father turns out to be Ego (Kurt Russel), a celestial god who loses the plot later in his quest for galactic domination.

In GOTG 1 Peter a.k.a. Star-Lord slowly amasses a rag-tag bunch of unlikely heroes including green girl Gamora (Zoe Saldana), leviathan Drax (Dave Bautista), Rocket (a genetically engineered Racoon voiced brilliantly by Bradley Cooper), and “I am Groot” – a living tree played by Vin Diesel in one of his more challenging voice overs! They accidentally save the galaxy from certain destruction backed by an amazing soundtrack from the 1970s.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 wallpaper

GOTG 2 has the dysfunctional but endearing cast back, including “son of Groot” that grew from a twig when Groot was immolated in GOTG 1. Baby Groot steals the show using three words “I am Groot”, dance track movements, big brown puppy dog eyes, and for want of better words cute/loveable/dumb antics.

The plot revolves around Ego finding his son Peter, saving the Guardians backsides from Ayesha (Elizabeth Debicki), queen of the golden people (who in turn become the Guardian’s lifelong and very persistent enemies).

Turns out Ego, starting as a very amiable celestial being, needs his progeny Peter to help him wield the power he needs to satisfy his long-term plan. The pathos is palpable as Peter realises that the Yondu (Michael Rooker), a Ravager general who took Peter from earth was more his “father” than Ego and they all join up to fight Ego and his plans.

Youdu ends up sacrificing his life for Peter and the closing galactic funeral scene where the Ravager’s, led by Sylvester Stallone, pay tribute will bring tears to your eyes.

This movie is well and truly part of the Marvel Universe and creator Stan Lee can’t help but have a cameo appearance as an astronaut.

Go if you enjoy two hours of rollicking fun with more than a bit of interesting space technology thrown in – I suspect the laser canon; portable space suit; and Peter’s helmet may become sci-fi stock in trade just as Star Trek’s phaser, replicator and communicator became. Not to mention merchandise sales of the sarcastic Rocket and Baby Groot where the most popular things at Disney World Orlando a few weeks back.


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