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How to hack the US presidential election – a work of fiction

A recently published novel lays out a very clear path showing how someone might steal the upcoming US election.

In the thick of the current campaign, rumours, stories and outright denials are continually floating around that the Russians are attempting to influence the outcome. We hear of supposedly state-sponsored intrusions that have delivered information to WikiLeaks and all manner of threats and posturing by a variety of people close to the Russian "throne".

The novel, The Lafayette Campaign, a Tale of Deception and Elections, is based on domestic protagonists but could easily be about foreign players.

In this, the second of the Frank Adversego thrillers, author Andrew Updegrove gives us an intriguing chain of events that could plausibly deliver the US presidential election to "the highest bidder".

The novel takes the reader on a ride around the US in the protagonist's camper van from smalltown Nevada to an island off the coast of Maine, and a whole lot of places in-between. Our hero Frank Adversego is a rather jaded cyber security expert who'd rather take time off from his busy life, but is drawn back into the fray by an intriguing problem: just how are the opinion polls so much at odds with public opinion?

Adversego delves into some very cunningly designed hacks (as a security writer, the NFC one is especially troubling) that will come close to delivering the election to the "wrong" candidate. Does he save the day? Read it and find out.

As an aside, one has to wonder if this explains how we ended up with the two candidates that we have. Who knows? It certainly offers some food for thought.

The book is available here. I suggest you buy it while the story remains as fiction!


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