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TV ain't dead yet

Netflix may be launching down under later this year but traditional TV is surprisingly still dominant, with 98% of Australians watching live TV.

Caroline Casey, Yahoo!7’s Director of Product and Audience, released new research on Monday that said TV viewing wasn't going away any time.

The data was from Yahoo!7’s annual companion research report as part of Casey's address at The Australian Broadcasting Summit held in Sydney.

Casey said appointment-based TV dominates TV consumption in Australia, with 98% of Aussies watching TV live. Two in three of respondents watch TV on devices (67%), predominantly on laptops, but also increasingly on tablets and mobile phones.

88% of people watch TV with another device by their side. The device is generally a smartphone with 82%, although 61% of respondents said they have a laptop and almost half have a tablet device.

Casey told attendees that media companies needed to remember live TV was still a dominant platform for content.

“Yahoo!7 is committed to bringing users the best product and the most immersive digital experiences, personalised to their interests, across screens and platforms," she said.

"When we talk about companion experiences, we’re not just talking about what happens when the program is on air, we’re also talking about how we sustain, build and engage our audiences with the programs they love.”

The main findings from the research include:
· 98% continue to watch TV live.
· 58% of consumers watch their favourite TV shows via online catch up TV.
· 40% of survey respondents engage with television programs online, making TV consumption even more immersive.
· 82% of consumers watch TV with their mobile phone nearby and 61% have their laptop at their side while watching TV.
· Social media is increasingly influencing consumer television consumption, with 40% of consumers becoming aware of a TV program because of a mention or recommendation on social media.

The research was conducted between November-December 2013 and was performed "by an external panel provider using a national sample that was representative of the Australian television viewing public, across age, gender, location." There were 1,217 respondents.

Earlier this month Netflix announced it would be spending $3 billion on content this year, while Foxtel is set to launch its Presto online platform on 13 March.


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