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Klipsh Image – expensive but very good ear buds

Pay $150 for Klipsh ear buds when you can get some for $10 at Paddy’s… I though buds were pretty much the same? No they are not.

I really liked to listen to music. Over the years I have owned several Sennheiser headsets and some really good amplifiers and speakers. Today as a baby boomer my reduced hearing range kind of takes the edge off listening to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.

So I revisited my youth and downloaded Floyd and Oldfield’s tubular bells to audibly compare whether I could tell the difference.

One word - YES. Klipsh S4 ear buds  were clearer, louder and bought a brightness and yet finesse to the music I did not think possible. The cheapies by comparison were muddy and lacked the range. The Klipsh were equal or better in music quality to the Sennheiser, a Denon Globe Cruiser and a Philips wireless headphone I used for control purposes.

For starters the Klipsh have three sizes of patented oval ear tips (all supplied) and you select the one that best fits your ear canal (they are shaped to help them sit right up in there). The premise is that the closer they are to the eardrum the clearer the sound is and the better the fit the more it will isolate external noise. Correct on both counts.

Specification wise I can see why they are audibly better. They use a real ‘Dynamic Moving Coil Dual Magnet [for pushing and pulling the diaphragm] Micro Speaker’ with a 10-19000Hz range.

The Image range covers (Some are available with an iPhone 3 button connector with microphone (‘i’ version) or an Android 1 button (‘a’ version). Both have apps to customise them.

X10i Gold and Lour Reed Signature Edition
X7i Black or White
A5i Sport over/in ear
S4(i or a) Black or White
S4 Rugged Red/Orange/Blue/Yellow

From what I can see the RRP of the S4i (as a guide) is $149.95 and there are lots of impossibly cheap ones on-line that are probably counterfeit. So just this once avoid a bargain (anything below about 20% off) and go to a reputable bricks and mortar store.


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