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Selling for as little as $99 at Harvey Norman, and normally priced at $149, the Nokia 1 is a feature phone masquerading as a smart…
Bring some old-school style to your fingertips with this retro keyboard.
If your face grows hair, and you want it styled, or gone from there, Braun's Series 9 is an ultra premium way to wear your…
Sony’s new smartphone is a comfortable, yet robust, 5.2” Android-powered device which includes two SIM card trays and cameras designed to meet the most demanding…
Is Huawei’s new flagship, with its stunning AI-driven camera, the best phone in the business?
Quantic Dream and David Cage return with Detroit: Become Human, and the interactive movie concept is further perfected.
Surviving the zombie apocalypse is a significant amount of work at times, and you will surprisingly need the management skills you have built up. Oh,…
D-Link's AC2600 Wi-Fi Range Extender (DAP-1860) is a small device that occupies little space, yet proves to be very efficient in helping spread Wi-Fi through…
There’s something about microphones that makes them sexier than they ever should be.
The Huawei P20’s very impressive low-light performance comes with an interesting AI lightpainting feature.




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